Thursday, 5 April 2012

World Beating Victoria Sandwich Cake

Ha ha! Yes, my world beats with a slice of Victoria Sandwich Cake, always!

I came back from my photo workshop late evening on Manday and was very tired...excited yes! I tidied my house and decided to make this cake which I saw a few months ago in Australia's Delicious magazine.

250g butter, I used SCS butter, soft
250g caster sugar
250g self raising flour, sifted
250g eggs, about 4 1/2 eggs...wakaka, howlah 4 1/2 eggs!
1 1/2 tsp vanilla , I added, my middle name is Vanilla, awww!
3 tbsp milk

Preheat oven at 170C.

Cream butter and sugar and vanilla until light and fluffy. I used my wooden ladle! Add eggs in three additions! What I did was to break 5 eggs and beat slightly and measured 250g. Lastly add srf in 3 additions, fold in milk until incorporated.

I used 3, 7 inches round cake tins...and I liked them! Bake for about 30 minutes until golden in colour.

Let cool and sandwich with Raspberry jem, and sprinkle sugar on top!

Ok, the tasted exactly like the Victoria Sandwich Cake that I used to get from Harrods! Apparently a Victoria Sandwich cake has got to be spongy yet moist, all the ingredients of equal weights, sandwiched with Raspberry jam and when baked should be slightly domed in the look and finish!

Everyone loved this cake but they liked this recipe by my MIL best!

250g butter, leave soft, I used tatura
250g caster sugar, I used 220g because I added golden syrup
5 large eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp golden syrup, I used Lyons, can get it from Cold Storage
2-3 tbsp milk
280g self-raising flourg this recipe best!


Some bakes that I made last week, photos from my Instagram...I have yet to retrieve the pictures from my corrupted SD card, huhu...

125 pieces Red Velvet cupcakes for a Family day, ordered by Mira.

Mira also ordered some macarons!

It was havoc last week, and I forgot about some cakes...but made this Moist Choc Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting and Choc Ganache and Maltesers for Rozana, tq so much for bearing with my forgetfulness!

I made some more macarons, and sent to Sharifah in Shah Alam and Azreen Labuan. Tq Sharifah, Azreen!

Main cinta with Mastrad!...and falling in love with her again!

...and trying shooting based on the lessons learnt from SN!


mrs plain-june said...

i have made vic sandwich before but didnt like it as much.. nak kena terai resepi yr MIL!!
btw mac hijau tu sgt menggoda!! apakah ia? pistachio? nak oderrrr!!!! rindu nak makan mac k.yani :D

Iskandar aka DR Bubbles said...

Salam Sejahtera Madam Yani,

Selalu dok baca your blog quietly nowadays.Hilang stres. :-)

Saya terpitam sekejap melihat Victoria Sandwich Cake ini! Sungguh menggiurkan!

Might want to order it or other beautiful masterpiece for cancer kids at KK3, HKL on the 21st. My charity, Red Bubbles is organising it. Anyway, will confirm with you later via email.

MamaTim said...

Adoilaaa that choc kek with choc balls on top!

Anonymous said...

kak yani, ur macs superbbb lahhh ;-)

sharifah salwa

Roseliza Mokhtar said...

Would you mind sharing your recipe for cream cheese frosting ,I always struggle with creamcheese. TQ

Nour El Zahari said...

My world beats too each time I read this post.. I lurveee the cake so much and decided to bake using your MIL's recipe but I used 2 9inch pans. Thanks for sharing the recipe!! May Allah bless you with much more rezeki.

Asmin Azusa said...

assalamualaikum akak

tq for the gojes vsc from ur MIL
its soooooo dem osem!

many ppl like tat cake n say i'm such a genius can mk taste n texture like tat.. (kembang kak ton kene puji) btw tq tau...

luv u akak

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