Monday, 16 February 2009

Le Pate A Choux Le Chef Safura....

Cream Puff, profiteroles, eclairs, paris brest, religieuse, cygnes, gougeres, saint honore, crullers...these are some of the different names, varieties that come from Pate A Choux....Chous Pastry. The last time I learnt to make profiteroles was when I was doing my Bar in London, I used a recipe from Sainsbury's was a success, but I used the instant custard and cream as filling.
Yesterday, I had the opportunity to learn from my master chef Safura, of how to correctly do the choux pastry, learn loads of tips, made the swan version "cygnes", cream puffs, eclairs, gougeres (cheese) and the fried version crullers. We also learnt how to make the my so called custard cream, but Saf's version is called Vanilla Pastry Cream....the picture above was the Vanilla Pastry Cream covered in cling film to be chilled, after that we folded whipping cream (yehah...the beginning of the operasi clogging arteries!!)!
Pate A Choux - the recipe... all copyrights belong to Safura Atan

125 g water
125 g milk
100 g butter
1/4 teaspoon salt
150g flour
5 eggs

1. Sift flour on paper.
2.Place water, milk, butter and salt in a pot and heat until butter melts and the mixture starts to boil.
3. Remove from heat and pour in all the flour while continu beating.
4. Put back on the stove and mix until the dough forms a ball and leaves the side of the pot.
5. Remove the pot and pour the dough into a mixing bowl. Using a beater start beating the dough for 2 minutes.
6. Add eggs one at a time making sure thoroughly mixed. Dough should be soft and shiny.
7. Place into piping bag and pipe into shpaes.
8. Bake in a preheated oven 180C until it's golden brown.
The picture above shows French Crullers ready to be ngaped! Sedap....a hint of lemon peel in the crust and dipped in sugar cinnamon dip.....1000 kali kalah rasa Auntie Anne's pretzels...its was a "now you see, now you don't affair" with this cruella devil cruel tasting crullers!!
Frying the crullers in hot oil.
The piped crullers on aluminium foil, ready to be fried.
Maizura, kawanku from BBGS (now dah jadi Pavilion) yang ku kenali semula semenjak join Saf's class....trying her skill piping the cruella devil cruelly tasting crullers on aluminum foil. I, then slide the crueller into the hot oil! Didnt know that one can actually fry choux pastry... Of course, Maizura and I had the most scolding from Saf, as we were hingarq, comparing notes and creating our own recipes and gossipped about god knows what during the teaching learning session!! Just like in BBGS dulu-dulu!!
Half of the swan's body is cut and the top part cut into halves to make the swan's wings....and then after we ate the swan...we were all ".....flying without wings", sedap tak terkata!
The piped swan body....

The swan....ahhh, look at the Vanilla Pasrty Cream oozing from the body of the die for! Here's the recipe for Vanilla Pastry Cream....

Vanilla Pastry Cream...all copyrights belong to Safura Atan

330g milk
1/2 vanilla pod/1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence
110g sugar
40g corn flour
6 egg yolk
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup whipping cream- until soft peaks form

1. Scald milk and vanilla pod, let it infuse for 5 minutes.
2. Mix the egg yolks, sugar, salt and corn flour making sure there are no lumps.
3. Heat the milk until it starts to boil.
4. Pour 1/3 of the milk into the yolk mixture and pour back the yolk mixture into the pot.
5. Continuously stir using a whisk until small bubble appear. Cook for another 2 minutes. Remove and pour into another container and cover with cling film. Cool down and chill for 2 hours.
6. Once cold fold in the whipping cream. Place in fridge until ready to use.

For lunch, Saf served us with Tuna Quiche! And to me it so berbaloi to attend any of her classes as she is very very generous with her tips and dos and don'ts and I think her recipes are different from others, and most of the time she uses those ingredients that one can easily find from the neighbourhood baking supplier...So, let's all jopm to her next class....Classic Italian Pizza and Pasta in March. To see Saf's works you can look out for !

We started at 9 am thereabouts and finished at around 1.45. I left later, because I had questions on some of the utencils that she uses and the busted tak jadi cross between Martha and Amy cupcakes that I made about 3 weeks ago...rupanya I used liquid cup for measuring my flur and sugar...tha....will give it another go, soon!
Conclusion from Saf's class yesterday...yes Maizura the cream puffs were "da bomb"!!

I dropped by my mom's house to jengok orang tua tu and then head straight to Bagus to get butter and souffle cups to make cupcakes for Umar to bring to school today.....ingatkan can go to zzz land early last night, but Bad, Liza and their brood came after maghrib and tanya...."oii , orang rumah masak apa hari ni?"...I had to prepare dinner in a flash, so we had kari ikan tenggiri, telorq dadar, udang goreng kunyit and lada hitam and sayurq kailan....At around 10 pm my lovely guests left, and so did all the food and the cupcakes that I made ( I made extra for Bad and his family and my childrean...tak cukup!!) Hmm , what a lovely close for a weekend, I slept smiling!!


MrsNordin said...


Can I order the vanilla cream puff for next Sunday? My daughter's birthday ~ the one with curly hair.

Lyana Mauseth said...

kak yani,

I pun nak orderlah :D..setakat salin resepi tu i blh lah kan..kalau nak buat sure x mejadi punya..

Madam Tai Tai said...


I love cream puff!!! Nanti I balik cuti I nak jemput diri I gi rumah you lah for lunch. Your hidangan for your guests semuanya sodap-sodap lah!

tireless mom said...

Dear KG

I hate coming over to your blog. It always makes me feel hungry. Can I take cooking class with you? Janji dapat belajar masak bread, cream puff et all. Masakan Melayu dah terror. Tukar angin pulak.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Kitchen Guardian, Love the pics here of your cakes, and so happens, one of my weaknesses apart from iced coffee is cream puffs.
But your 'swans' look too good to eat, ha ha.

Will take the plain ones...I think I should be able to polish off 6?

Always appreciate a woman who bakes well.
And there is no spectacle on Earth more appealing than that of a beautiful woman in the art of baking cakes for her loved ones.

You keep well and have a nice day, best regards, Lee.

LifeBloom said...

Thanks Yani for posting the pics - that was the best RM80 I ever spent - berbaloi sungguh! I still remember popping that creme puff into my was such a wonderful experience - terdiam sampai seminit - savouring the deliciousness of those morsels...sodap tak terhinggo!

InsyaAllah see you at the pizza class...:-D!

Kak Teh said...

wow, you are a real Kitchen Guardian! Kak Teh mengaku kalah lah macam ni. I love cookery programmes and now am hooked on Masterchef - tapi tengok saja. Tak pernah pun try apa-apa.

Kitchen Guardian said...

hi all,

am very busy this week, everyday document meeting, tapi my heart and soul is.....thinking about ceam puff session at home this sunday!

Kitchen Guardian said...

Mrs N,

Yes, inshallah i'll do the cream puff for you this Sunday, found the nozzle yesterday!

Desert Rose said...


Salam. Come here frm Lyana's,cousin I budak tu. Dah slalu dah baca blog akak ni, silent reader la kekdahnya.

Just nak cakap, I kagum gila ngan akak sebab u pandai masak and u a gud mom. Congrats on your 8th Pregnancy (betoi ka fakta ni)

Sebab I syok sgt tgk orang ada anak ramai, sebab I dah closed section. 3 org sume ikut tingkap, last one ari tu bleeding seperti d ambang maut, so doc suruh ikat .

Anak2 i yg dua org tu kalau tgk org anak lebih dari tiga, depa mula la berdialog dua org

'tgk aunty tu, anak dia ramai best kan' (mulut mcm Joyah selalu kenan cubit ngan i)

Pastu buleh tambah plak yg si abang tu, "Mommy kita dah tak leh beranak sebab something wrong with her tummy,"

'Ha ah kan abang, perut mommy dah pecah, takpe kita boleh ambik baby orang je kan,

'yelah ambik anak angkat Boy'

Seolah-olah I tak de kat situ....

Kitchen Guardian said...


Inshaallah sure jadi, but it helps when you see the technique!

Kitchen Guardian said...

Madam TT,

Nanti you balik next, kita arrange to go to Shila's or Mrs N and I'll do the cream puff, or something else yang I belajar!

Kitchen Guardian said...

Dear TM,

I ni tak sampai pangkat nak jadi cikgu also still learning this baking can join us in the next class with Saf sometime in March. Her house is in Bt Jelutong.

Kitchen Guardian said...

Uncle Lee,

Yes, I thought of framing the swans! But my children sembelih them!

Kitchen Guardian said...


Hmm, i can still feel the taste of the vanilla making them this sunday for Mrs N and my children. Went to Bake wt Yen in PJ y'day after meeting wt network guys and got the nozzle for cream puff and some other utencils and stuff for this sunday's yani goes berserk again in the kitchen!!

Kitchen Guardian said...

Kak Teh,

Thx for dropping by...ale, you tu meendah diri je....Masterchef tu program apa, got in Malaysia ke? tanya pun, I tak dan nak tengok tv...

But I know the next time i head to Borders or Kino I'll storm to the baking/cooking section!

Kitchen Guardian said...

Desert Rose,

Thanx for dropping by.

Ish tak boleh I terima pujian pandai masak and good mom...we all are coz we learn as we go along, betoi tak!

Yes, it's pregnancy no. 8, one passed away and one miscarriage, so yg ada 5! Tak pa dah memang rezeki you 3 anak aje, janji boleh bela elok elok, i ni pun doa tiap tiap hari so tt all the kids will turn out ok, doa nanti you dapat cucu ramailah!

Charms Allure said...

Yummy!! Ni kena buat makan2 ni..

Gemini Girl said...

Madame Kitchen Guardian,

Leh tak letak my link as until I update my punya web. Merci beacoup.

Anonymous said...

Yani, this is Fazleen! Cannot tahan reading your posting yet not say something. Can i come to your house and taste those lovely food??

You are sooo rajin.. you make me feel incomplete as a woman lah!

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