Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Yang Terbaik Itu Datang Dari Allah

Debbi Brown's Enchanting Magical cake book, bought during Superwomanwannabe's recent visit to UK.Cake stuff that I ordered along with the book, thanks a million Shila!
Cakes as TQs for a dear lecturer, thank you Aisyah!
Harith and Arsenal, thank you Ria for this order!
Carrot cake for a "bag lady", thank you Lina! It's amazing the lovely people you meet in this blogsphere! Thank you Lina for the bag, too!
Barney and friends for a shy boy, thank you Puteri, one of this days we must borak! It was lovely meeting you, another wonderful encounter through this blogsphere!
I can't guarantee that she will maintain her slender figure if she keeps on the trend of ordering weekly! Thank you Idrina!
It has only been a week since I last wrote here, but it seems ages and loads have taken place. At work, at home, my sil, my baking....all pointing towards change and transformation required from me.
I would't want to dwell much about work, suffice to say that I am 'swallowing' all I can, and praying that I have the strength to go on and meet my dateline to retire as planned. As at present it is suffocating!
At home, my eldest girl and boy have been showing their opposite colours that are very bleak and dull. For whatever that they have done whether they did intentionally or not, the actions have definitely reaped apart my heart, no words can describe that. I never thought that I have to go through what I went through, but I'm bracing for more of those. Not that I am asking them to surface, but apparently it is common traits of kids of their age. During that incident I turned to my dear wise Kak Tan, whom apparently went through the same at some point of her teenage life of her daughters....and thank god for quirky fun and sensible friend Sham for lending her ears and wise words....made me reflect upon myself and sum up all in all this challenges have brought me closer to my creator, alhamdulillah.
My baking....I have a presentation to make for some project, am praying that that will materialise, inshaallah.
My sil? Indirectly her doctors have indicated that she is done with her chemotheraphy treatment if her fungal infection and stomach TB (that resurfaced due to chemotheraphy), and that's it! Hence, let's hope that the sickness does not relapse or else??? My husband's and bil's bone marrow didn't match for a transplant, so, if I read between the lines, that is the end of the road of treatment for my sil? She is now recuperating at home.
She was so disturbed last week after the result of the bone marrow not matching that she called me. I had a meeting around the area, so I dropped by to console her...but how do you speak to one about death when you yourself is not prepared for one?
But, at the end of it all, it only shows kebesaran tuhan, and only He knows what is best underlying it all...and for me this week's ordeal left me with more kesedaran keinsafan and more ayat-ayat suci Quran to read.


Lyana Mauseth said...

kek semua lawa2...drooling k...kalau u dekat i dah order kek utk bday odin next month :(...nmpk gayanya kenalah i kutip resepi dr u utk buat sendiri..

about your kids..mmg bdk2 remaja mcm tu sister umoq 15 tahun...selalu bg i naik darah, i pernah kata kat dia, sesilap i nak hentak kepala dia ke dinding! tak makan saman betul...geram tulah jiwa remaja ni kan...hopefully, they will grow up the right way..insyallah...

hope your SIL will be strong to face her sickness...berat mata memandang berat lagi bahu yg memikul kan...:(..

kay_leeda said...

You are making very, very good progress with your cakes!! So cantik & so yummy (looks and taste, I can bet on that)

Take it easy with your teenagers. I know what you are going thru. You ask yourself, what and where have I done wrong, right? Answer is, you have not done anything wrong, just that challenges kita & anak-anak berlainan.

InshaAllah, your children will be just fine. Take care worries yah :)

id said...

Kak Yani
Ive to maintain to my body figure as for now...
hehe :)

Raden Galoh said...

you really have a good hand with baking sis.. they all look so tantalizingly delicious and sinful! hahahaha

i pray your SIL will be blessed more with strength and ease... she called me and texted me to tell me she was discharged... hope Allah listens to our prayers...ameen

your kids will surely be alright and be fine...

NanaDJ said...

You are really a superwoman. Your cakes does look beautiful and yummy.
Don't worry too much about the children, it is part of their growing up process. In any case, a mother's work is never done even when they become grandma like me.
As for your sis in law, let's pray that she will find someone with compatible bone marrow. Just keep her spirit up, I know it is hard but she needed comfort and kind words.
Hope to meet up with you.

edi said...

kak yani,
may allah give u the strengths always, amin...
salam to zooreq..

tireless mom said...


Banyak nya nak catch up. Banyak nya dah mem-bake!

Definitely we need to do that lunch ye.

Sorry to hear about your sil. May she be strong to face it.

Wiz said...

Looking at how you have turned out, I worry not about your kids. They will all turn out as beautiful a person as you are. Just look at the mother.

Ok now I am soo jerrrrrrezzzz of your new tools!~ Benc tau.

Kitchen Guardian said...

lama i tak gebang dgn you, sungguhlah tak dan! hope you and the kids are coping ok without mr m!

Kitchen Guardian said...


tqs, i know i can use a helping ear from pple like you!

Kitchen Guardian said...

yelah tu!

Kitchen Guardian said...


whenever i'm down i think of you, it gives me strength!

Kitchen Guardian said...

kak nana,

am merely doing what i like, there are days that i just crashed and slept and ate....i want my kids to turn out like fine children like yours!

Kitchen Guardian said...

and you, tqs.

Kitchen Guardian said...

yatt TM,

yes, yes, when you return we must do lunch...with extended hours! would love to hear more on how you raise your aces!

Kitchen Guardian said...

ameen...abt the tools, tak pa, nxt time boleh order lagi. anyway without the tools your creations dabomb!

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