Tuesday, 18 May 2010

About Rights, Copyrights and Just Being Courteous....

You know, I didn't want to blog, initially! I used to think why should I tell the world about myself ? But hubby set up this whole thing for me, as in the setting up of this blog and coached me how to go about it (as like I have been telling that I can draw up a computer contract easily, but I'm not technology savvy at all!)

So, I set my mind that this blog would be about my sharing of experiences, good or blunders in the regime that I cherish most...cooking...and now baking! I have also been taught from a very young age by my parents to share and sharing is good, especially knowledge! Hence, the sharing of the recipes and pictures of the very humble creations of mine.

But lately, I have been thinking whether I should keep doing this, especially the posting of recipes. I am making myself vulnerable to those unethical gremlins out there to manipulate the recipes by claiming them their own? Hish!

Let me just remind you this thing called Rights or Copyrights...I am not going to dwell in further in their legalities as I know, my intention of posting those recipes are purely for sharing of knowledge. Furthermore, it is from this majestic Internet world that I have acquainted with loads of knowledge and friends and many other useful discoveries, google and all.

I must also remind you that most of the recipes are adapted from other more accomplished chefs, hence, when I modify, I made a note to say that they are "adapted from", they are not mine, really!

And if I changed the recipes substantially, I would say "inspired by"...and

Perhaps if I changed 4 of the ingredients I may claim the recipes to be mine...but I have not done so, as far I can remember. I'm only an amateur, cooking and baking when I have the time. I still have my day job!

As far as cake decorating, I get inspiration from fellow decorators (hmm, I shouldn't be calling myself as a decorator, being an amateur myself! No, beginner is more apt!) But, I respect their craftsman talents, so I try to produce my own unique creations as best as possible using my personal flair, after maybe getting some ideas!

You see, I think for you to call yourself to be talented, you must first learn to produce something good using your own personal creative juices....

And, being in the legal fraternity, I'm always wary about this Rights, Copyrights thingy...if any creation does not belong to you....at least be courteous ans seek permission, right!?
Hmm, let me "shoot you" before the legalities got you!
Have a beautiful day!


Naz in Norway said...

Hi darling!
I guess whatever it is, it is difficult to find something that is original in the real sense of the word these days. Even cekodok! True, in writing it all, we make ourselves vulnerable to others but I guess that's just a chance that we have to take. It's a learning experience, whichever way we look at it. And lessons are not all sweet ;)

Having said that, I'm so beeping eager to look at your creation for the June wedding. Hiiiiiihiiiiiiiii!
Tension, Yani? Ah! KG works best that way kan?
Take care and when the going gets tough, shout *Heck it! Heck it! Heck it!* :)

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Salam Kak Yani,

Sigh...I understand how you feel. Hate it when others simply plagarise our ideas and creations..well, innovation. Being in the advertising industry, I understand the pain of protecting your rights and copyrights. It bleeds like hell when someone simply claims your masterpiece as theirs...MANA ACI!

Ah, well...I have to confess, I did bake jars of your chocolate chips cookies. I shared them with almost everybody I know, they love it (ada yang ordered), but I had to visit your blog to get the recipe because unlike your goodself, I am no Kitchen Guardian, mana la I memorise recipes for baking...hahahaha

Ok, u take care, pls. It was a pleasure to meet up with you at Kudu, I 'dine' at Kudu almost every Friday. My partner the Chinese guy gila makan kari! 1Malaysia la katakan...hahaha

Desert Rose said...

very true kak yani, n kak naz for all that matters.

I nak buat cook book gak la, Eja's Original Cekodok and patent it hu hu (perasan, cekodok pun takat bulehlahhh saja)

Edi said...

kak yani,
u would never believe to what extend people 'steal' ideas, (idea tu i rase takpe lagi), PHOTOS tu yg tak tahan tu.. my friend baru2 ni found a whole album of her cupcakes photo put up by another so-called cupcake maker on FB, claiming she made them, baru je lepas siap utk customer and all, padahal tu bukan gambar dia pun! bila kantoi, dia kata design tu customer bagi, dia tiru sebijik2 sbb tu sama.. even if org kata dia tiru sebijik pun, we know which is our photo and which is not kan.. hish.. malu je..

i wonder, ape lah salahnya give credits whenever it's due kan? bukannya rugi apa2 pun..

anyway kak yani, on the positive angle, design u and resepi u sedap sbb tulah org tiru tu.. ;)

take care!

KG said...

saya budak baru belajar.....and banyak pulak tu nak kena belajar,...yes heck it heck it heck it!

KG said...

i tak kisah but pls be courteous and ask permission...ilmu tu mmg for sharing pun can, but yes certain stuff nak kena pi registerlah to legalise it kan...kudu every friday...mak ai...tak tidorq ka lepaih tu!

KG said...

Ala DR you tu merendah diri sangat, cuba ajak i pi ghumah and masak sikit i nak rasa wink wink!

KG said...

tu hantu namanya...eleh tak kemana pun nanti kan!tok sah kawan dgn org cam nilah!

Anonymous said...

How come I missed this entry of yours? Entry yang byk kena mengena dgn I plak tu hahahaha, you know what I mean. We've been there together kan Yani and done that, seen those and gasped long and hard. People are funny, their gestures are even funnier.

Take care my friend.

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