Thursday, 23 June 2011

Bakes and Cakes

Red Velvet Cake for Dad...tq Asmah, Asmah first ordered this cake during Milkadeal deal sometime in March! 
Purple and Marbled Purple Macarons for hantaran. Tq Nadia (hubs' cousin) for her brother's engagement gift. 
Rose Macarons for an engagement gift, tq Yong!
The small packs are to be shared with loved ones...
The 40 pieces pack are for mother of the bride and wedding gift, tq Datin Siti!
Red Velvet Cake and Red Velvet Cuppies, tq Yong
A last minute order...mama was going away to Bangkok, aunty Yani was supposed to sort out the cakes.... 
the theme was pink and black and it was a Harajuku themeed party... 
Gothic to say the least for a sweet 16 year old pretty young lady...Nurissa...hence, this cake in pink and black and some cuppies which I topped off with pink macaron shells! The party was a blast...tq my dear quirky friend Chut!

Till the next Bakes and slowing down in July until after Syawal...but will do waht I loved to do .....make macarons, hehe!Inshaallal...tq beutiful peeps for all the support!


Edi said...

harajuku eyyy.... brilliant kak yani! u always find a way to awe me with yr wits! hehe... way to go!

Please contact me at said...
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KG said...

edi! mmg wanted to do a few harajuku dolls figurine...but realised tt the bday girl was going to be 16...hence this cake! hehe witty me!

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