Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Art Of Seeing!

I always believe that when the student is ready, the teacher will arrive! Attending The Art Of Seeing workshop was what I did over the weekend till Monday, late afternoon. 

Attending Saiful Nang's Zero To Pro was one of the many classes that I wanted to do this year. At first I wanted to attend a food photography workshop overseas. But I thought, I'd better start from home! And after coming across SN (that's how we address Saiful Nang)'s Program and seeing all his gorgeous shots, I knew I could learn a thing or two from this guy!

......hmmm, I didn't learn a thing or two....the whole workshop made me think,  and ponder and strategise! And move on! Yes, there were 10 guidelines, rules sort of when taking shots, but during the workshop I learnt leadership, marketing, self motivation, discipline and the importance of love that begins from home!

From the videos that SN shared with us of his work, you could see that he is very passionate about his work! We begin at 8.30 every day after breakfast with a session of tutorial sort of, and then, for the rest of the days we went to outing to get our shots.....you wouldn't want to see my pictures that I took on the first day!...they were just pictures....with some technical flaws....urgghh.....

....my pictures improved a bit after our first outing...but f course to SN they were still "sampah" (rubbish) apart from probably one shot! So, at the end of the first day and after the first critic session, I got hold of my technical flaws.....I took some 'moment' pictures on day 2, some portraits and food pictures. But, on the last day, when we went individually to shoot, SN asked me not to focus on food photography, but everything else. We had to edit via Photo Shop...which I really have to master from now on!I have zero knowledge on this!

But then, to me the whole workshop was everything else about your life....picture taking is only a medium that you capture moments.......and how you do that, one must master the art of seeing! SN also taught us about creating our own media.....I love this part as well! And the part that he is so loving with his children and wife....he is a leader, a visionary! "Be passionate about what you do, and the money will flow..." I will always remember that...and create your own media!

Unfortunately, my memory card was corrupted at the end of the whole session....I still have to retrieve some pictures. But to me the workshop was not about the pictures alone. Well, at the end of the 3 days with the team and SN, think I have come out a brand new person with a different perspective. Sure, my pictures have still a long way to improve, but now I know what went wrong...and at the end of the day, one must master "The Art Seeing" in all aspects of one's life! Creativity can't be taught, but with push and pressure one will be creative and perform...enough said, let's do our work!

UPDATED! Let's see this Vimeo! Enjoy!!

ZERO TO PRO 8 : Sekilas Pandang dari Kursus Fotografi Paling Lengkap from CandidSyndrome Film on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Manage to retrieve all images from the corrupted SD card?

Edi said...

u among those photographers mcm anak dara lah kak yani! u look so young and happy! baca entry kak yani yg ni mcm baca technical paper pulak rase.. hehehehe..i think yr photos are great before.. after this sure lagi gempak nie..

MamaTim said...

Inspiring post. I pernah ikut groups pegi outing, sebelum my lutut sakit dulu.. yes mmg best and can learn a lot of things. Sadly I can't do it anymore esp bila the group yg ikut ni suka panjat batu, meragaih sana sinin, turun ke sungai, ke curam2.. hehe Miss pulak the good old days ;)

Wiz said...

Woohoooo macam best sgt Yanie. Yes after this mesti lagi gempak your pictures yang sebelum ni dah sememangnya gempak.

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