Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Cucuq Ikan Bilis, Cucuk Sayurq..

Today is the 2nd day am in the office, but I can tell you that the mood has not kicked in yet...think I deserve a longer holiday, especially after I had to rush off a document on Boxing Day by the Group Chairman himself....penat perah otak, penat bergaduh pasal clauses with the other party who is not the easiest and most pleasant in the world to do business with...the product of what had been documented by moi should be going life in about 6 months time, latest...

And when I should be looking at another document and finalising it, sambil sambil makan cucuq ikan bilis and cucuk sayurq...I thought maybe I should pen a few words....the recipes of the cucuqs later, he he!

Well, we took the kids to Langkawi from 27.12.2008 and returned on 31.12.2008. In my earlier post I mentioned that I would be ging to Breakfast Bar and Red Tomato...but I only managed to go to Breakfast Bar. In addition to the biasa menu that they have, this time they have a new corner where you can order various soups to go with buns or oriental noodles and soups..sedap. I had a bowl of Beehon Soup, would love to try the Wanton Noodle Soup, the smell was too strong for me, at this point of time due to my condition...Anyway, I was recovering from a very bad stomach flu, so the Beehon Soup was doing justice to my tummy. We didn't have a chance to get Red Tomato's sandwiches with its homemade breads as it was close the time we went.But we loved Tjay's thin crust pizzas, my kids had them almost every day. This time I didnt go to McPhees...sayang, was too ill to get out of the bed...kesian DH, he went to Bon Ton all by himself to have dessert...katanya sedap giler....

Of course, a trip to Langkawi is not complete without a visit to Idaman Suri and Hj Ismail Group...I yang memang gila kutip pinggan mangkuk bought a new non-stick pan and crystal d'arcque short glasses and bought 6 pieces of kain batik panjang to be used as sapera whenever I hv khenduris....

Enough about Langkawi, basically it was another makan affair for me, hmm sampai sakit perutlah...now back to the cucuqs...

Cucuq Ikan Bilis

2 bowls of plain flour
dried anchovies(blended)or maggi cube ikan bilis
1 medium onion
some beansprout if you like
some water
salt to taste

How to make

In a large bowl, pour the flour, make a well and put all the other ingedients. One tip, do not stir as if you are mixing flour and water to make roti canai, just add water bit by bit and slowly fold in all ingredients. Dont make a dough or paste out of the whole thing...your cucuq will become hard, I like to put more water and make a watery mix, however, when you fry, more oil will be used up.

Cucuq Sayurq

The ingredients and method are the same as above, except that I usually substitute the ikan bilis with shredded cabbage, carrots and udang.

For the Chilly dip

Use 5 fresh red chillies (deseed), 1 clove garlic, 1 tsp rice vinegar or squeeze lemon or line, blend all and add salt and sugar to taste.

Well something simple, but something that I love since my childhood days....


Breakaway said...

Good idea ,I pun nak la pi Idaman suri to.u think ada kat Henckels kat situ?Selalunya My mum yg peminat no 1.I'm goin Valentines' day coz ada kenduri kat Aor.Oas wed Pat n I will naikmbot to LKW.Pas tu balik dgn flt to KL next day.

torts said...

bila nak ajak i pi makan cucorq sayorq u ni..


Kitchen Guardian said...


I tak perasan pulak whether got Henckels in Idaman Suri..but the other day we had dinner at Delicious at Dua Residency where there was also Dlicious supermarket...I got ga ga over the kithcen utencils...but kena sabaq sikit coz already spent a bomb paying the kids fees and books...my next haunt!


Whenever you are around the area talipon saja, chek buat cucuq sayuq for you, if not karipap dot com (kedai kueh in Permata) can layan both our selera!! hmm there's also nasi kukus ayam dara.....well, middle name i "food"...pandailah i cari makan..

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