Tuesday, 31 March 2009

What I Got From Ampang Park!

Hmm, managed to make a quick dash to Ampang Park during lunch today...in a taxi...am so the very malas to drive these days.....I went to "Haby and Wools", to get, guess what,..... ribbons, borders, bias and thread.....think my nesting instinct has kicked in.....I'm in the mood of sewing pulak, while the cooking and baking goes on and on!!

Last weekend I got some plain white Indian cotton that I'll make swaddle blankets for the new Muhammad. I also took out from my treasure chest of cotton materials which originates from all over the world, this cartoon flannelette's material which I got from Aussie many years ago....all these I will sew with the ribbons (also got Offray ribbons just now, yeay!), borders and bias. In the mean time, I just realise that my sewing machine is with my friend's shop...Cottage Patch for service, since....one year ago, ha ha!
DH thinks the reason we haven't stopped the production house is because he hasn't bought my an armchair that I wish I had from the time we had Khadijah! Ha, ha I haven't got an electric steam steriliser (been contemplating of getting this one from Khadijah's time, expensive ma, here!) and a baby carrier! Reasons, reasons, what other reasons can you give to have another one....no , no am not going to have another one, thank you Allah and cukup for what we have:)
P/s: I'll post pictures of the finished swaddle blankets later!


Naz in Norway said...

This is the fun bit. I love sewing baby blankets too. Post the pic when you're done OK.
BTW, your day consists of how many hours eh?..hehe! usik ... usik, jangan tak usik :D

Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger said...


cepat lah..kita pun nak tgk gambar sewing you tu...

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

bestnya kak yani..i have a number of tergendala quilting projects some where under the bed. I will definite try to accomplish what I have left.

I hope to see ur work too..good luck, madam.

MrsNordin said...

Dah nak menjahit pulak makcik ni... tch, tch, tch...

tireless mom said...

Dear KG

From baking to sewing, dahsyat betullah dia ni. Eeeee... teringin pulak nak cuddle baby.

zaitgha said...

Haby and Wool nih been there since i was in school(BBGS), at that time i liked to crochet, bought all the things from there, adalah a few i sold to ppl he he....now i thing just a few surviving shops from those days ...but Ampang Park still my favorite place to go...used to work as a sale girl in one of the shop while waiting for my SPM results....

i pun cant wait to see the outcome....

KG said...

It will be a while before i finish this project, nak kena pi ambik sewing machine dulu!

He he...think this surge of energy is bcoz of my pregnancy!

Kak Ezza,
Sabarq no!

I do smoking too, and I too have one box-full of unfinished projects! But I havent stopped buying nice cotton materials...boleh simpan utk cucu nanti!

Mrs N,
You know me, mana boleh duduk diam!

Teringin nak cuddle baby.....have a go!


I love Haby and I love Cottage Patch, two places that I frequent to release my tension... now...it's ICCA/Wilton in Sec 14! You were in BBGS, tahun bila, I was there briefly in Std 2 until 4!

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