Monday, 9 November 2009

Friendship at a different level....

Vanilla cuppy with lemon curd topping for my lovely friends!
I bekalkan a pack of Shan's bombay spice for the ladies to bring home, so, now all can try make the dish!

I came to office today looking fresh, even though I have been lacking sleep for the past few days, no, It's not due to preparing dishes for "the" Sunday lunch, but have been doing a lot of thinking....pikir macam-macam. But, after meeting the lovely ladies, Mrs N, Kak Ezza, Mimi, Madam Tai Tai, Ida Scent of a Woman, Yatt Tireless Mom and Shila Superwomanwannabe...things are more focused and falling into perspective! Am not there yet, but, closer, I must say!

The idea for this lunch thingy came about after Gina MTT hinted that she wanted to rasa my Beryani Udang, and later BJ Mrs N nak merasa pavlova and choc trifle.

So, I thought I might as well gather a few other new friends I made aka blogger friends, all of whom now I call friends at a different level for lunch. I made Beryani Udang, Dalca Daging Tetel with red lentils, Cucumber and Cherry Tomato Raita, Ayam Goreng Rempah, Sup Ekor with freshly baked Herbed Loaf from The Bakery, and desserts Chocolate Trifle using valrhona chocolate and my own baked chocolate sponge, and DH kindly made Pavlova nests for fresh fruits! DH also took all the other kiddos, except Muhammad, out for a movie so we could have the house all to ourselves, thanks Long!
SW, Ida, MTT, Mimi and TM

I don't usually enjoy eating what I prepared, but somehow I ate all that I prepared! I can tell you it must be the warmth of companionship by the ladies, the wisdom and wise words, the laughter...also the Jeruks brought by Kak Ezza and Tapai Pulut prepared by TM. Think at the end of the day, the title superwoman should really go to TM, an accomplished career woman who travels a lot and yet manage to get her household all put together nicely! And, after talking to her, I know I have a new set of listening ears, apart from Mrs N's!

Kak Ezza's daughter, Kak Ezza, Mimi and TM

Kak Ezza is so lovable and huggable...suka akak! and her sweet daughter dok kerenyeh aje listening to our chats. MTT arrived looking so polished and elegant even in her casual attire! Mimi is like the Mimi I know from KPP days except now she has her glasses and her tudong, and Ida...a true scent of a woman, lovely and very her! And, the wise Mrs N and witty SW!
Mrs N and SW!
Whilst talking to these ladies I realise that they are what you read from their blogs, very special because there is so much lessons you learn from them and I guess that is why I can "click" with them and them too, I hope!! It's a friendship so pure, so different from the one that I know and yet so you all ladies, we must do this again, and I tell myself that I must also keep up with the other bloggers in the circle by visiting them even though time is a real challenge for me. It's my other life! Thank you...
Ida and her daughter Sarah
Nizar tak nak ambik gambar.....Nizar said!
Chocolate Trifle!
SW with her chocolate trifle
Kak Ezza makan pavlova!
Tapai Pulut made by TM!
Mrs N enjoying her pavlova!
PS: Sorry for the quality and arrangement of pictures, am not very clever with posting and arrangement! I will post the Choc Trifle recipe, soon!


MrsNordin said...

I was waiting for these pictures and I'm glad you post them so quickly.

And I knew you're gonna put up that picture of me licking the cream off the fruit meringue! Mmm... yum! yum!

You're such a lovely host, Yani. And you cooked up a storm for us! Thank you so much. I don't know if my briyani udang will ever taste as good as yours! It was delicious! Honestly!

Thank you again and hope to see you again soon!

(Yes, k.Ezza is very huggable, that's what everyone said after first time meeting her.. :) )

anedra said...

Danngggggg!! I missed all this? Terliur tengok all the food! Glad you had fun! ANd I must get the recipe for beriyani udang tu!!

zaitgha said...

bestnyer ...bestnyer....

Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger said...

baru lepas sembang ngan kay about what happend yesterday....masa tulis tu rasa nya bau beriani tu ada lagi kat hidung ni....akak tunggu resepi chocalate trifle tu....satu lagi resepi sup ekor tu....boleh tak taruk kan inbox FB tu....

Sebenar nya akak yang banyak belajar dari apa yang lihat dan dengar dari meeting pun tau kan...dunia akak kat rumah dan tinggal kat sesekali dapat berjumpa ni...banyak bende yang akak belajar...
kalau datang Klang...singgah lah ke pondok akak ni ya....boleh akak masak mee kari n kueh kueh pulak....

Akak copy n paste ya gambar gambar ni ya!

Madam Tai Tai No More said...

Hi our lovely lunch hostess,

Your food was just soooooo outstanding yesterday. Ya Allah...I kekenyangan sampai ke pagi ni. That's because I had the soup with bread, two helpings of nasi briyani udang with ayam goreng yg sedap with the dedak yang kalau boleh I wanted to scoop all into my mouth (tapi malu terbatal lah niat itu), the chocolate trifle yg licin sampai ke bottom of the glass and the yummy pavlova. I even had the grapes, mandarin orange, jeruk2 AND tapai! Gosh..I was such a big eater semalam!

Thanks also for the lovely gifts for us to take home. Only you would have thought of packing the Shan thingy for us. Err..I have to confess I didn't take it sebab I'd rather have the Bombay Rice made by you! Hahaha...

Thanks to Haq too for minding the kids and letting us ladies yak yak yak sampai ke petang. I truly enjoyed myself yesterday, as did my belly. :-)

edelweiss said...

mmmmmm yummy nya!!!!!!

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Yum..yum..yum..I simply love the food and the company. Tq a million for inviting me, it was a plaesure meeting up with you and others. Tq to to Mr. Haqq for minding the kids, bagiuh la depa balik just on time...:-)

Sarah loves your cuppies, she said, " why mummy punya tak de little flowers macam Auntie Yani punya?". I tak kisah as I'm gonna let you specialise in that while I do all the food tasting.:-)

God Bless, sis.

tireless mom said...


I was full til dinner because of your beriyani udang, and at dinner time seolah olah terbau the beriyani lagi.

My favourite was the sup tulang actually as I am more of a soup person. Lagipun dah makan beriyani the nite before, sorry! But tak boleh lah lawan yours. Even my MIL punya beriyani pun tak rasa macam tu tau, oopppsss I hope none of her clan is reading this!

I agree with you that the friendship has reached a different level. I enjoyed the company very much. Also I love everything about yesterday including the bunga kantan yg kembang mekar at your kitchen!

Alamak, jangan lah puji lebeh lebeh... we are all supermoms in our own way, obviously we want to do the best for the family, kan!

Wiz said...

Everything looks beautiful Yanie. I can taste not only the food but your hospitality from just reading this post.

Kitchen Guardian said...

Mrs N, Anedra, Zaitgha, Kak Ezza, Mdm Tai Tai, Edelweiss, Ida, TM, Wiz.....JOM let's do it again...think of the menu...Mrs N suggested we make pavlova together gether, I nak buat quiche and tarts together gether with you all and kita makan together gether lepas tu! Wiz boleh bawak her magnificiently delicious roast chicken!!

Lyana Mauseth said...

bestnya!! wahhh i wish i were day lah kak yani kan..:D

Kitchen Guardian said...


satu hari yes...

IBU said...

Salam KG,

Saw the meringue earlier from ur hubb's posting.

Alamak..... looking all the food and beeeeyutiful spread... now, tell me how do I get initiated into this 'diff level of friendship' sorority? If culinary skill is a pre-req, then I'll apply as supplementary member, attached to WanShana, boley ke? hehe!!!

kay_leeda said...

Hi KG,

Must try catch your briyani recipe. Have you posted them? Or am I arriving late?

Glad you like the tapai. It's a family recipe. But only "that girl" yang reti buat...I reti makan je *wink*

Madame Shopper said...

Salam KG,

I've been a silent reader of your blog for quite some time. Menarik... :-)

Do you mind if I ask from where did you get rempah Shan in Malaysia? My mom has been looking for it.

I live in the States and have been cooking lamb briyani and whatnot using the rempah. I also cooked it for my mom when she was here. So bila dia dah balik Malaysia and teringin nak buat, tak tahu pula mana nak cari this particular spice. She used to see it somewhere tapi dah lupa pula di mana.

Thank you ya.


Kitchen Guardian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kitchen Guardian said...


Kecik tapak tangan, sila oh sila mai rumah no 78...kalau nak menjamu selera! I've heard a lot about you from Haq, how was your delivery?

Kitchen Guardian said...


Yes the beryani udang resepi is in here, tapi you have to dig in, I pulak tak reti nak letak link here...buta IT. The tapai memang sedap, tal pa since dia reti buat biar dia buat je "wink"

Kitchen Guardian said...

Madame Shopper,

Thank you for dropping by, i nak pi rumah you boleh!

You can get National another brand that i also use in of the grocery shops in Plaza City One. Rasanya I pernah nampak Shan at there as well, tapi tak sure. Plaza City One is the building next to Semua House in Jalan TAR. I got my Shans from Mercato Supermarket in Pavillion. Last time Giant Supermarket carried Shan, now tak nampak pulak. How can I send to your mom...if nak email me at

Shahieda said...

I see that you've been cooking up a storm Yani! YUMS!

Please let me know which dates you'll be available during December. Would really like to meet you & Ida when I visit Insha-Allah!

about kitchen guardian food said...


yes, dont mind cooking storm for you...will send personal message on dates to see you! cant wait!!

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