Monday, 2 November 2009

Happy Anniversary Kak Jee!

Kak Jee said the bears resemble Muhammad, chubby ;)
At home and due to the call of responsibility as a wife and mother, I cook for my family. But outside, it is Kak Jee whom I usually turn to for my makan. Kak Jee makes nasi goreng kampung and kueh teow goreng just the way I like it, her husband knows my style of Nescafe' either black or white! My children loves her nasi lemak bungkus, sekali beli 10 bungkus sometimes are not enough! Kak Jee was a comedian, actress, journalist, now she does script writing while sitting on her kerusi malas when she is not preparing dishes for her regulars!
So, it was Kak Jee's anniversary last Saturday, 9 years with the present husband. She had requested for a carrot cake, I threw in the toppers to liven up the mood....thanks Kak Jee for the order!


Wiz said...

Yes, the adorable bears do resemble your baby. Soooooooooo cute. Your bears are getting better and better looking Yanie. Woo hooo!

tireless mom said...

Beary yummy!

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