Friday, 6 August 2010

Unforgettable....that's what you are....

Yes...I have been reading your comments and blogs...but I have been so so busy, to even leave a note...I have been baking ever since I came back from Colombo, but I have not been able to post any enjoy these hydrangeas and roses that husband sent to perk me up on Wednesday, Biskut Sampret that I baked last night and this mesmerizing song.....loved their voices Natalie Cole and her dad Nat King Cole.....


Cilantro said...


Wow! those hydrangeas and roses are soo... beautiful. So sweet of him. This superwomen surely deserves it.Glad to see you have started baking classes. Happy baking!!!

Take care!

Kitchen Guardian said... nice to hear frm you, where hv you been!take care you!

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