Monday, 2 August 2010

Just A Bit More of Colombo!

After the saree soire the evening after my conference and the Sri Lankan Crab galore, the next day we went to.......jalan-jalan, supposedly...but ended up buying more goodies for friends and family! I bought some cotton fabrics like the above! U just love the pinkish hues, some of the materials were printed linens which cost dearly here! Got them at a fraction of the price!
Tuk Tuks are normal sights in Colombo, but I must say that you have to bargain for the fee before getting into one, as you might be "ketuk-ed"!
After getting the cotton fabrics, we decided to go to Barefoot, which is like our British India, but a lot lot cheaper. I didn't get anything except for a hand-painted box for Khadijah and had lunch and coffee at the cafe'. The above is a painting hung on the wall of the cafe'. 
Tired and sleepy looking me!
Lunch was Cheese and Tomato Sandwich...reminds me of the days in Southbank Uni....the cheapest lunch then!
Hmmmm....hajat di hati was just to browse here....even though I had been pre-warned that one would not be able to resist a box or two of these fine porcelaines from Noritake....he he, moi bought half a dozen of this mugs.....
.....22 pieces dinner set of my Sweet Leilani.....and...
....eight pieces of this for daily use at home...all for less than RM600....good bargain huh!
And, my last meal was some more doses of curry...cuttlefish curry, brinjal, mushroom and basmati rice....we drove to the airport, but were stopped twice by the army....this is normal occurrence if you drive at night...otherwise Colombo is like Penang, except you see a lot of Tuk Tuks insteadd of Protons or Beemers or Mercs....planning a trip to Maldives and Colombo next with hubby!


Wiz said...

Imagine if your husband were to go on this trip. The pinggans and the mangkuks he would have bought would surpass the amount you just spent. But they are truly pretty. And the material cantiknya!!!!! Sib baik I tak tau menjahit if not lama dah I pesan kat u, untuk buat little girls' dresses.

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty KG,
Aha! So that's the Noritake you're taking about! Phew! We just use plastic pet bowls, no porcelain for cats. roar! roar! roar!

Naz said...

Next summer, let's go to Colombo with Sham and Ena :)

FoodieOnTheGo said...

Greetings from Colombo! I'm glad you liked my country so much. As a Sri Lankan, who has visited KL once, I loved the place and the food very much. I enjoy reading your blog and looking at the lovely pictures of your sweet creations. Keep up the great work!

Kitchen Guardian said...

when he saw the box....sikit je you beli!? and i still havent unpacked the 22 pieces sweet leilani....NO PLACE!

Kitchen Guardian said...

cat...meow meow!

Kitchen Guardian said...


thank you for dropping by. i must go to your country again...hv not done the sightseeing, i was too engrossed wt your food and those fabrics!

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