Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Credits To Emila Yusof!

I am running a very tight schedule...yes, I'm aware of that......but before I continue using this talented lady's work FOC here, I'd better pen a word or two of gratitude to her....and a quiet introduction to Ms Emila Yusof , a self taught graffic artist who has immense potentials in her her field of arts...i have been looking around for someone to design my website, I found one, but the work that was produced was not I looked for another artist to help me.....I have been seeing Emila's work for quite a while, contacted her several times , but to no avail...she was also on a tight schedule...and one fine day she replied my email...yahooo! Yes, she helped me redo my website (which I have loads more to fill and add...yes), I loved it, but my handicap in using Wordpress allows me to really slowly updating it...I know I will have to contact Emila gain, he he!

So, folks watch out for this very talented lady....why would a name like Yusof Gajah want to collaborate with her if not for what she can offer! Thank you Emila! 

1 comment:

tireless mom said...

Looking forward to the new look of your blog dear.

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