Friday, 1 October 2010

Bakes and cakes of the week..

Thank you Hezzie for the order and this picture!
Prune and Walnut Cake topped with Cream Cheese Icing...
Made this Cream Cheese Brownie for my niece's birthday...time was not on my side!
Hannah Montana for Nuraina!
Our Star Nuraina....thank you Puteri!
Pink and Taupe Hataran Cupcakes, thank you Rohaida!
Petit Vanilla Cuppies for Rohaida for makan-makan, thank you Rohaida!

Also thank you to Muzal for the Devil's Food Chocolate Cake order and Kak Zaine for Congo Bars orders! 


DrSam said...

Your cakes, especially the cute little cupcakes never failed to awe me.

Eid mubarak!

Royalshoppingarcade said...

have you tried baking bakerella;s red velvet cake?if you have, what do you think of garnered such a rave review that i tried it and felt me its just plain cake but red!

Kitchen Guardian said...

dr sam,

waiting utk dijemput kerumah, inshaallah i'll bring some for you and your sweet wifey!

Kitchen Guardian said...


hv not tried bakerella's red velvet recipe but hv tried cupcake bakeshop's, think the bakerella's is less cocoa powder, like martha's...and i think overall red velvet is a no brainer cake wt a bit of cocoa powder but more of buttermilk and vinegar in it...plain if eaten on its own, tt's why during my last attempt i had cream cheese wt rasberry swirl as the topping otherwise it's too plain jane but for the red colour :p!

As said...

Thanks for the post.
very knowledgeable blog.
Prune and walnut cake

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