Friday, 28 October 2011

Singapore Chicken Laksa (Using Angel Hair Spaghetti)

So many things happen the past few days...but lately as I ponder on the goals that I set early this year....I have a lot to achieve! I have done a lot , but, yeah, there are many more that are far from reach! I will not meddle more into that, until the time is appropriate, but now is not the time...perhaps at the end of the year!

Let's look at what I made last Saturday.....Singapore Chicken Laksa using angel hair spaghetti, using a recipe that I adapted from ribbonandcircus's beautiful works of art of her blog page, pictures and food! She is just so talented, looking at the site, one can tell so!

The laksa was very easy to prepare, of course I had to do my magic by using short-cuts, haha...but yeah, the taste was awesome. I love this laksa as it is akin to curry laksa, but has a nyonya twist to the taste. It is spicy but not hot! The whole loved it, including Hajar and Muhammad who savoured their share with intermittent sips of water! here goes!
Rempah Paste
20 Asian Shallots
10 cloves garlic
10 dried chillies, soaked in warm water
10 fresh red chillies
6 candlenuts (buah keras)
2 tsp belacan- prawn paste
3 tbsp dried prawns, soaked in warm water
3 tbsp curry powder, I used Babas fish curry powder

5 tbsp oil
3 stalks lemong grass, bruised, I used 5...with lemon grass, I feel the more ie merrier, haha!
3 sprigs curry leaves, I used 1
1 litre chicken stock, I just boiled the entire cut chicken pieces with the soup!
1 litre thick coconut milk
salt to taste

Lime, sliced
200g tofu puffs, cut into halves and I added into the soup
300g bean sprouts, blanched
2 pieces fried fish cakes, sliced and I added to the soup, as well, hehe!Short cuts, I love them!
12 large cooked king prawns, hehe, I sheeled my prawns and they also went into my soup!
12 seared scallops, I skipped
3 hard boiled eggs
600g rice vermicelli, I used spaghetti angel hair
Sliced torch ginger, I added....I like!
Fried Asian Shallots, I added....I like!
1. To make the rempah paste, blend all the ingredients in a blender, you can pound them with a pestle and mortar, too!
2. Heat up oil in a soup pot, sautee the rempah paste with lemongrass and curry leaves.
3. Add water, let it boil, I added the prawns, chicken, tofu puff.
4. Let simmer for about 20 minutes, add coconut milk and salt to taste.
5. Boil spaghetti and serve!
Chilli Paste (that is good to serve with just about anything!)
110g chilli paste, I used cili boh...ada malas sikit to blend my own chilli!
25g garlic, i pounded with..
...50g dried shrimp, soaked in warm water
abt 200ml oil

Heat oil, sautee garlic, add chilli paste, fry until fragrant. Iadded 2 tbsp brown sugar (I use brwon sugar at home!), then add the punded dried shrimp. Add salt to taste and fry utnil the chilli disintegrates and oil floats to the surface.
.....ahhh what food styling!!?? This was how I had mine...sedap you! Will make this again!
Some macarons I made last week, for Sara and Kak Cik, tq lovely sweety pies!
Mini Cakes for a Wedding Hantaran, tq Azura!

Till the next post, tra!:p


cik cek said...

Scroll dari atas sampai kebawah...sumenya!

Ribbon and Circus said...


I'm drooliingggg...rasa nak pi dapur, and takde partner in crime nak mkn sama..makan sorang tak syok..

Glad ur family like it..the recipe is adapted from Almost Bourdain and RasaMalaysia.. I cooked it twice, using the the same recipe..foolproof recipe indeed..

I dah lama tak buat macaron.. tah bila nak buat lagi kat umah ni tak minat makan macaron..he he malam ni I nak try one of you mac recipe..any recommendation?

Kak Teh said...

Thanks Yani, I love Singapore laksa - selalunya either makan at Makan Cafe di Portobello OR guna paste dr packet. will certainly try your recipe!!

MamaTim said...

your pink hantaran mini cakes looking so divine Yani!

Edi said...

those mini cakes--- perfect!

KG said...

cik cek, tankiu!! pilah buat!

KG said...

RibbonClown...indeed! dok carik time nak buat lagi! Raya Hj?? yup try the one egg white mac recipe and fill wt Salty Peanut Butter filling!and send over some!

KG said...

Kak Teh...lama sungguh tak dengark berita you from this arena...yup laksa ni sgt sedap and senang and tak jemu bila mkn!

KG said...

mama Tim, kita tunggu Adam nak pi minang, ai tlg buatkan!

KG said...

edi, fondants are all about covering imperfections, haha!you know what i mean kan kan!

Anonymous said...

Must try my curry mee with angel hair next time. Your mini cakes are just so prettttyyyyy!

Anonymous said...


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