Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Khob Kun Ka! Spring Gala Class With Handi Mulyana

"Khob Kun Ka" or thank you was one word that I thought was not over used in Bangkok. I just came back from my sugar flower class last night with the magnificient cake artist Handi Mulyana. ...and the experience was well worth more than the THB38,500 that I have paid! I joined my sugarpaste teacher Anissa in this class, yeay!

Our class was from Friday 5.4.2013 until Sunday 7.4.2013. We were joined by wonderful ladies from Chiang Mai and Bangkok and a mother daughter team from Singapore. The cake studio Sweet Obsession and her owner Pam were lovely hosts...with free flow of brewed coffee throughout the day and delicious vegetarian and seafood lunches...I couldn't ask for more! To top all this, we had super delicious desserts brought by the pretty ladies...my, the Thai bakers are super talented and very artistic! I felt so small and I have so much to catch up!

Handi taught us 3 different focal flowers and we had to also do fillers and buds. We learnt different techniques to color, dust and cover the four tier cake dummies. I rolled and knead 4 kgs of fondant....I didn't think I could do that! And, we didn't use a ruler to measure the fondant....how awesome!

....and what I thought was the most precious thing that I learnt was to think and become an entrepeneur! Generally, the Thais are either having their own family businesses or they work with the government.....so, when I came to work this morning I felt kind of awkward that I have a boss....I know I would do better when I'm my own business person, soon! My last day at full time employment will be sometime 30.6.2013!

...the time away had also given me time to ponder on the next moves....there are many! But one thing for sure , I will come up with my own very first module of fondant and sugarpaste, soon!

We didn't do much shopping except that we went to the Chinatown in Bangkok...I realised that most things are sold on wholesale basis there and they were cheap! We went to Platinum Mall, but I didn't quite fancy it there.

We didn't have a chance to go on a tuk tuk, as time was really short!

...and short of calling the press, how we brought the cake home created havoc at the Suvarnabumi airport...but, yes, we brought our cakes home!

Overall, the whole journey was a memorable experience for me....Handi will only come back to Bangkok next year, and he hoped to meet us all again next year. ....I have begun planning another sort of this trip to Sydney to learn from another sugar artist...but now I have to work hard for a return of investment and start saving up for the next trip, for after this I will be my own boss having my own cake business, woo hoo!


Fazlinil Irma said...

pheww.. mesti org airport terpegun dgn hasil kerja kak yani dgn anissa.
selamat menabung kak yani utk next class. :)

It's me... said...

perghhh!!! I salute you sis....
wonder if i can ever be like you. juggling between work, family and passion is too exhausting...

MrsNordin said...

How did you bring the cake on the airplane? Did you "carry" it with you onboard or it went down to cargo? (but I don't think so..)

Mrs & Miss Vanilla said...

Yani, it's just awesome. Kalau dah siap module jgn lupa reserve one for me please... thanks


Tertúlia da Susy said...

Que lindo bolo, adorei :)
Kiss, Susana

Nota: Ver o passatempo a decorrer no meu blog

Hood Zarinah said...

Hi Yani...as always been yr silent reader for so long...days when yr blog still show the fresh produce header...anyway, couldn't keep silent anymore...needs to congratulate you for coming this far, I really ADMIRE U, u and Rima has always been an inspiration to me (though I didnt bake so well!). I hv met Rima and one day when I am down in KL, i hope to see you too! Keep posting and hopefully i can be in the first class of yours...keeping my finger cross ; )...All d best, take care, senyum selalu...luv, Zarinah

jehanne@thecookingdoctor said...

Kak Yani., congrats on your achievement, and for having the courage to pursue your dreams! Keep a seat for me in your class soon, insyaAllah I will be there;-)

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