Friday, 3 May 2013

Of Goals, the Polls and My (Children's) Future....and Dark Chocolate Mousse

Hi ya peeps.....the General Election no. 13 is just around the corner. I have never been really passionate about the election before, even though I never missed my duty to cast my vote. But, this time it is different, to me it is not about us anymore.....our generation is going into the retirement generation (well! I am retiring in about 60 days time!), really it is about our children's future! And I realised that there is nothing to be emotional about the election, it is about your future, there is no need to be drama about it, one really needs to think carefully and wisely and cast one's votes! In other words one needs to use ones' head to think and vote! So much is at stake, yeah I don't read the papers or watch tv other than the business section, but I read between the lines, you see.

....and what about my future, my goals? For a start I have decided that my income from my caking business in the first month after I quit from my full time employment would double my paid job, the one that I left! That's a real motivation for me especially when it came with perks such as having to spend time with my kids and choose my baking times! I will also be joining my friends for kelas mengaji twice weekly and I really cant's wait for that!

Dark Chocolate Mousse (adapted from The Journal of A Girl Who Loves To Cook)

40g egg yolks
30g caster sugar
30g water
170g dark chocolate, melted, I use Valrhona's 64% cocoa manjari
300g heavy cream

Beat yolks till pale and frothy. Make sugar syrup and take off the heat when the temperature is 118C, slowly pour on the side of bowl into the yolks mixture. Continue beating till the mixture cools...dont worry about not cooking the yolks, the heat from the sugar syrup will cook the yolks. Add the melted chocolate.
Whip the heavy cream till soft peaks. Add a third of  the whipping cream i nto the yolk and chocolate mixture to loosen the texture....pour the remaining of the heavy cream until well incorporated.

Divide into cups/ramekins/short glasses or containers to give away to friends...chill for at least 4 hours in the fridge before serving....I must say that there is something decadent about this velvety smooth mousse to calm you down...I had mine at 2.30 am that day after I was done with baking and cleaning my kitchen!

Okay, let's gear ourselves for the polling day on 5.5.2013...I will be baking those cakes, the pictures of which I will use for the banners for my upcoming classes! Happy weekend peeps!


Edi said...

pasni i nak tuka address kat ic nak mengundi kat selangor ja. jauh sgt nak balik trg...

kak yani, nanti wa yr address k.. i want to send u something :)


Tina said...

I know who I'm NOT going to vote for, and I am very sensible just like you :) but am having butterflies now just thinking about the outcome! anyway, gorgeous photos as always!

Gujjar said...

If organic farming is the natural way, shouldn't organic produce just be called "produce" and make the pesticide-laden stuff take the burden of an adjective? Weorth

Ibu RiesMaya said...

Waa, sgt sedap mousse ni.sgt senang, hmm nk try buatla,..tq for sharing ya dis..brp cups boleh dpt ni?

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