Monday, 26 July 2010

Friendship and My First Cupcake Class

Afer much pestering and promises and postponements, I had agreed to hold a Cupcake 101 class for these lovely ladies! It was supposed to be held much earlier, but so many events had taken fact I think so many things happened the last six months! Good or bad, happiness or life is enriched!

And with these has never been better!
I met these girls through the course of my working in my present employment....Aini "Finance" was my colleague who took care of Corporate Financing, Siti was Aini's colleague, Aini "Tax"took care of the tax and duties portion, Razlyn was a vendor, Maria, Razlyn's childhood friend! And, through the path of of working life, we came across each other and remain good friends! Both Ainis had retired and are full time moms now!

Since my maid had not arrived to lend assistance, we decided to hold the class at Aini "Finance's" house. And, the was more of a get together and to encourage each other who had not attempted any baking or cooking , to do just that! But, I must say, after this session, it will be profiteroles and pie classes! And, this is also the beginning of my many many other classes!
We shared four recipes and I showed how to do some basic cake decorations....and some of the results were these! Think what was interesting were not the results and who had the nicest decorations....but it was the fun, laughter and stronger bond that we had with each other! That is something that no money can buy!
From left, Aini "Tax", Maria, Razlyn, Aini "Finance" and Siti....I must admit I want an "island" like this in my kitchen...makes me baking and cooking more and more!

I will sign off for now, I am writing from my hotel room in Colombo...some time difference is making me wide awake, even though I slept at 1 this morning! Thank God for this trip, thus allowing me some quiet time for myself and allowing me to spare some time with you fellow bloggers!  


Naz said...

I'm happy to see you coming closer to realising your dream each day.
Go, Yani, Go! :)

Shahieda said...

Whoop, whoop! You're certainly getting there, slowly but surely. Wish I were there to share in the fun! Muahahaha!

Royalshoppingarcade said...

bestnya basic cupcake class..

Wiz said...

Hi Yani! here's wishing for you more quiet moments. One of them is our trip to New York, even if it only appears in our dreams k.

edi said...

kak yani, kem salam org colombo k! :)))
nice aprons they're wearing.. matching sumer lak tu! hehe

Kitchen Guardian said...


i know i can lean on you!

Kitchen Guardian said...


waiting for you wt open arms!

Kitchen Guardian said...

royalshopping archade,

it was fun fun fun!

Kitchen Guardian said...

wiz, york always in my dream....

Kitchen Guardian said...


simpan duit, mai'll love it! apron, txt me...i bought for my friends and itu je yg's the thought tt okaylah kan!

Yan said...

K.Yani, Maria = Maria Azah is my sister's SIL..heheh small world!

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