Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Colombo Oh Colombo!

Alhamdulillah, I consider myself very lucky! While I am not earning the pay that many would hope to earn, I earn the fringe benefits that come along with this employment....every onece in a while I get to travel! And this time it was the Axiata Group Legal Advisers' Meeting, that was hosted by our counterpart Dialog Telekom in Colombo. I will not bore you with the details about the conference, enough to say that the Dialog community is so hospitable, warm, and I wouldn't if they came to KL, we could provide the same to them. And, the knowledge gain from the conference were immense and would be put to good use in my current KPI!

But most of all, I would not have imagined that Colombo had so much to offer.....this place is a food paradise...yes, it was spicy and curry...y, but the food was lovely and different. Yes, I love curry and have them at home every week, but having them here daily did not overdose me at all. I only had to pacify my stomach due to the gas from the beans and grains that I took....otherwise, I would have slurped all the kuah!

And, the seafood, my ......they are prepared in various styles! One will not tire having them at all!

Here are some offering that I managed to capture in the last two days, my schedule was very packed, and we only got to go around the city last nite! Enjoy.....
Transit in Singapore....
My companion....some wisdom material!
Some seafood dinner after we tucked our bags on the night we arrived.

Breakfast Day 1...Aloo paratha, sambar (akin to our dhal which had brinjal and kacang munggai), and tofu curry! 
Lunach Day 1, Rice cooked with onion and ghee, Fish Curry, Cauliflower in Spices, Brinjal and Tomato cooked in Sri Lankan spices and black pepper (woooo....pedas pedas!) and Mango Chutney (bought a bottle to bring home!) 
Banana Parfait...banana sauteed in butter, butterscotch sauce and cream......if not for the sugar and calories...hmmmmm....
Sago pudding, Date Pudding, Coconut and Semolina Pudding and Fruit Compote. 
A cultural show during the company dinner at Mount Lavinia Hotel!
A medley of Seafood prepared in various ways for main course.
Breakfast Day 2 ....Red String Hoppers (macam Putu Mayam), Plain Paratha, Cennai Dhal, Toamto and Onion Curry, and Sambar.
My own Fruit Compote! Prunes, Pineapple, Papaya, Rambutan in Berry Yoghurt!
This was all that i had for lunch on Day 2.....Grilled Brinjal Soup!

After the close of the Conference, at around 6 pm we embarked on the hunt for fabrics....ahhhhh....there were so many to choose and purchase at a fraction of the price back in KL! And these were saree would be cotton and voiles!
I have a weakness for paisley desing and this colours! Bought these in a few colours for people who are dear to me!
Extended shopping hour just for us!
The "climb" search of the material, he he!

After that, we headed back to the hotel for some yummy seafood....Sri Lankan Crab Curry...that is a must and apprently the hotel is the place for one!
Prawn cooked in garlic and black pepper.
Ze Crab in Ze Sri Lankan was green as we didn't think we could handle the fiery hot red curry....and this one was dabomb!!!
Vegetable Curry...pedas tapi sangat sedap!
Nutcracker...the tool in aid for our quest with the Crab!
The trip and all....if only hubby is here....I went back to my room last night to find this on my pillow and a box containing two's little pleasures!


NanaDJ said...

Wow Yani, Colombo will certainly be considered my future holiday destination. Love the food and the fabrics. As for the Sri Lankan Crab (which cost the earth here)...yum, yum. Lucky you, that's what I miss the most now that I have retired, all the corporate travels and the perks.Enjoy them while they last, Yani.

zaitgha said...

Yani, the seafood would be heaven on earth for my eldest boy...he loves seafood and hes just adore hot and spicy food he he.....

Naz said...

This is a totally scrumptious post, Yani :)

edi said...

colombo banyak kari eh? i never know that!

... and the saree are so so gorgeous! cantik tu buat bj kurung.. sweet!

Desert Rose said...

Teruihh browse ticket to Colombo, pantasss

kay_leeda said...

Told you...told you....told you!!! I bet you are now smiling on the way home..he he he.

tireless mom said...

Gastronomically delicious! Bila nak jumpa and boleh pot pet pot pet about Colombo?

Wiz said...

It was as if you went for an iron chef conference Yanie! All those food, waaaaaa I cannot resist. Would love to travel with you one day. I know I will be well fed.

Kitchen Guardian said...

kak nana, zaitgha, naz, edi,eja,yatt and wiz...mari mari pi kolombo!

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