Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Layering the Lapis...Kek Lapis Cempedak

It has been a sombre Ramadhan...while I think that should be the way, but the feeling inside is very hollow, not complete...losing Azura has impacted us all. I can see sadness in my MIL especially, and my elder ones...Yusof reads Yaassin almost every night for his aunt in Ramadhan. And, my intense baking lately has left me feeling her presence around me...Azura makes the best Tart Nenas, period! Just before Ramadhan, my MIL offered arwah's oven to replace my broken one. I refused for now, bukan tak sudi....but tak boleh...I'll be crying and not baking if I took her oven...and I decided that I would not even attempt making Tart Nenas this year...I'm still mourning.........

Let's just leave me and my feelings that way...the scar will always be there, time can only soothe...a bit...

And, now back to my attempts at kek lapis.....you know, being a Kedahan, kek lapis is very alien to me ...using loads of eggs, yolks are only present in Kueh Bahulu! My encountered with kek lapis was when I married my hubby....about a few years back, we went beraya to his uncle's in JB, and we were served with kek Lapis Prune and this Kek Lapis Cempedak...I fell in love immediately with Lapis Prune, and my husband Lapis Cempedak! And guess what? Hubby has been pestering me to attempt baking kek lapis after I sort of successfully baked the many many Vanilla Cakes! This intensified when I made Lapis Prune and now that cempedak is in season! Dah tak larat dah dengar him asking bila? Bila? Bila? So, last night, I decided to try this recipe from MamaLeza .

This time the layering took longer as the batter was more, I slept at 1! But it was all worth it! Sedap giler was the remark I had during sahur! So, here goes.....

Kek Lapis Cempedak
500g butter ( I used canned Golden Churn)
1 tbsp vanilla extract (I added a tsp vanilla powder)

14 yolks
6 eggs
275g caster sugar
2 tbsp ovalette

(C) sift together:
100g APF or HK flour (I used HK flour, yezza!)
1/2 tsp baking powder

(D) blend together:
500g cempedak flesh
150g condensed milk

1. Prepare your oven with top and bottom heat. prepare your cake tin, I used 8x8x3.
2.Beat A for about 3 minutes, set aside.
3. Beat B until light and fluffy, about 10 minutes.....I loved my Kmix for this!
4.Fold A into B until well incorporated.
5.Fold C into the AB mixture, mixing well.
6.Start layering using the flour mixture, use about 90g for each layer, bake using grill heat only.
7.The next layer will be the cempedak paste layer using 2 tablespoon, and spread evenly. Bake this cempedak layer until well dried!
8. And don't forget to press each layer before the next layer to release any air bubble trapped in between the layers! I did mine this time diligently, ha ha!
9. And once all the layers are done....that is about 2 hours later......cover the top of the cake and set your oven to top bottom heat at 150C, bake for another 20 minutes....and the result voila! A house full of the smell of Golden Churn and Cempedak!

Folks,if I (a kaki bangku in baking!) can do this, so do you! Happy trying!


Madam Tai Tai Again said...

Yani, I heard of many kuih lapis but never a kuih lapis cempedak. I would love to try some (hint..hint..) and although you may say that it is so easy to make, I ni jenis pemalas nak ke dapur so I suppose the only way I can taste it if someone at Zooview can bring some over to me. Lol!!

Anonymous said...

Yani- Your cake lapis is getting better and better. Dah cantik sama rata dah. Happy for you and happy for Haq too. Savour it bit by bit k, the yolks the yolks, they'll go striaght to the heart.

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Yani,
We can't get ovalette or HK flour here...so how? Mail some to me can, ah? purrrr.....meow!

LifeBloom said...

Agree with Wiz...lovely lapis indeed! Cempedak...wahhh...nak order can?? or nampaknya have to Raya at your abode in Zooview...Congrats..you inspire me. *planning to get Kenwood mixer*

Edi said...

wah kak yani... no wonder u talked about lapis cempedak tadi.. i baru tengok entry ni! betullah, dah cantik your lapis tu.. sama je.. i can imagine the taste... cempedak.. yummmmmness!!! mesti wangi plus the buttery taste.. hmm.. i better stop imagining..

cikmanggis said...

terima kasih ya..cm ambil resepi kek lapis cempedak ni dan dah masak...tersangatlah yummy.Thanks

Rima said...

Happy for u.. well done.. lapis dah nampak cantik.. tentu ur other half tak paster u anymore hehehe

KG said...

MTT, I'll freeze some for you!

KG said...

wiz...yeah the yolks the yolks.....he's already asking me to prepare another for raya :)

KG said...

cat...meow...boleh, email your add!

KG said...

zura, this year tak sempat dah...nntilah bila cempedak in season lagi...yup go get a kenwood mixer, i cant agree more, it will make your days!

KG said...

edi...tepat sekali bau and rasa cempedak plus bau and rasa butter yummylicious!

KG said...

cik manggis...saya juga budak baru belajar! loved your blogs...hmmm boleh try itu ini...and london almondf for ray, inshaallah!

KG said...

rima...you are my idola kek and inspirasi!tank kiu!

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