Friday, 8 July 2011

Bakes and Cakes

Last weeks' produce...
Nora requested for this Barbie Princess cake with buttercream for her dear niece's 6th birthday. Victoria Sandwich Cake covered with buttercream...thank you Nora...tq Rima for the inspiration! 
Her friend ordered this cake for her hen's party...Red Velvet Cake...thank you Azaila and friends!
Then, I got an order for this Hummingbird Cake from Azaila's sister and some macarons for Hantaran (gift) Nikah...thank you Azaima!This was a 3 layer Hummingbird Cake!
These sugarpaste cut outs were to adorn the Hummingbird cake!
Think it was going to be a shabby chique wedding, Azaila wanted macarons to be in these mixed colours! There were altogether about 45 pieces macarons in Double Choc using Valrhona cocoa and buttons, Hazelnut with Hazelnut Praline, Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter and Jelly and Fresh Raspberry in Italian Meringue Buttercream...Tqs again Azaima, congratulation Azaila!
...and Razlyn ordered this for her daughter's coming of age party! 30 pieces Almond Macarons with Hazelnut Praline...the bottom right picture was taken at 2 am!

I anticipate sporadic orders from now on until after was done purposely by me...the oven needs a break, I too need a break...I need to refresh my baking mojo...I need to smell the roses, catch up with fellow bloggers and loved ones...and most importantly I need the time to concentrate on my tarawikhs and quran reading....I will not be doing any orders of cookies or Steamed Fruit Cakes or other cakes this year.....with some spare time, I will post the Steamed Fruit Cake recipe and try out other recipes and post them here for all of us to share and try (I emphasise this!!). You are most welcomed to email me for any questions whatsoever...I have been getting lots of emails on macaron happy to hear that a lot more ladies are making macarons at home!

Have a brilliant weekend, see you next week!


Wiz said...

Puasa time has always been the quietest time for me in terms of orders yanie. I hope murah rezeki this year untuk khatam Quran this Ramadhan. Tapi I ngelat sebab dah start dulu di bulan rejab lol!

Hope we are more at peace with ourselves and family and find the nur that has been lighting for us at the end of that tunnel.

Kita jalan sama2 k.

Edi said...

yap i pun harap2 dpt buat terawikh penuhla this yr.. selalu nak ngelat! :P


If only can stop working just for one month! best kan...

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