Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Croissant Pudding and New Mac Flavors!

I must admit that I have been feeling very lazy to attempt any new recipes for cookies....even though I know that I have to make some for Eid! Yesterday, my kitchen was declared as close! The contractors had cleaned the walls (wet kitchen) and the tiles...the walls were all painted, and today the floor will be glazed...hubs had not called to say that iftar is tapau-ed food!

Anyway, last night I made this! I have been wanting to make this ever since I got a Bread Pudding recipe when I went to Saf for my cooking lesson....I was that bad, to even make a Bread Pudding, requires a recipe, kah kah kah!....and I remembered Saf said that Bread Pudding would be nicer if you use wholemeal bread or croissant!

So, last Friday on my way fetching Khadijah from school....and oh..there are times that I become the family driver...and no, we don't have an official driver, k....I got this lovely croissants from the UK Bakery...I tucked them away in an airtight container, away, away from my kids...and the father, hehe! Last night after the older boys went for Tarawikh, and Sizuka dropped by to send some brownies (for today's iftar!) I made this!

I lost the recipe that Saf gave me, so, I resorted to tweak Rima's recipe....but I remember vividly that Saf's recipe has cream in it.....and so is Rima's....and that makes this Croissant Pudding and me whirl round and round, hehe!
8 pieces croissants, sliced...I used a pair of scissors to cut
1 tbsp butter, ooolllallla, can't live without this!
400ml fresh milk
400ml whipping cream...can't live without this as well, hehe!
5 large eggs
1 cup sugar
1 vanilla pod, scrape the beans
Some sultanas.....
1.Prepare a cake tin, I used a casserole bowl, 7x7 inches greased with butter (lagi!!). Heat oven at 160C.
2.Cover the base of your casserole bowl with croissants. Sprinkle sultanas. Set aside.
3.Lightly whisk the eggs with sugar.Warm the milk, whipping cream and butter mixture and vanilla pod (can use vanilla essence) to melt the butter. Add sugar and eggs. Stir to mix  well. Let the mixture to cool.
4.Pour this mixture on the croissants, cover with the rest of the croissants.
5.Pour the remaining milk, cream mixture...leave the croissant to soak the liquid mixture a bit.
6.Bake for about 30 minutes on until the top of the pudding has turned brown!

Best served with Creme Anglaise...which I will make later today....
...of course hubs couldn't wait for today, he took a slice after the pudding cooled a bit last night...I had mine during Sahur...sedaapppp......reminds me of my days in uni...I ate whatever I had, so usually I made my then version of Bread Pudding when the bread starts to turn mouldy a bit , haha!...and they tasted good and became edible , haha!

...and my, my....what had I been doing when I became so lazy to make cookies!!??? I made macarons with new flavors! Yess!
This is what I call Ramadhan Macarons....Pandan (green) with Pineapple and Italian Meringue Buttercream...the shells were laced with Pandan Paste...the aroma, heavenly!and the existing Double Choc Using Valrhona Cocoa and Almond and Salted Caramel...everyone's and mine alltime favourite. thq Aida for this order, last week.
...hmmmm, these...love the aroma, love the taste even better! Raspberry Macarons (with natural raspberry paste) and Raspberry White Choc Ganache using Valrhona White Choc and my cinta hati....Passion Fruit Macarons (with natural passion fruit paste) and Pssion Fruit Pastry Cream...perfect is the word...for me...lah, haha!
...theses!!! They are the colours of my wardrobe, tak percaya, come and see! Vanilla Macarons with Teh Tarik Italian Meringue Buttercream and Chocolate and Chocolate Caramel Filling, using Valrhona cocoa...love these too....hmmmph...donno if you are going to like this, I'm a sanguine I dream a  lot always syok sendiri with my creations (feel good about myself, hahahah!)....

Till the next post...tra!


Anonymous said...

terliur I tgk d pudding. My kids ni and husb are from a different planet. They do not eat what I like to eat. So making any desserts such as this would make me devour more than I should.

And the kids dare say, perut mama ni besar la!

Husband so far tak berani lagi hahahaha

rohaizahabas said...

you betul2 mendera jiwa raga I...kena istifar banyak2 ni bila tengok semua ni..hahahha

Unknown said...

ahaa br ingat nak mintak d recipe dah post kat sini. i have croissants yg suda di hidekan kt dlm cupboard haha...so erm i think malan ni nak buat...oh d macaroons...aduh...bila lagi ye :P

Hiemash Erdawathy Hussain said...

sungguh terliur tengok gambar2 nih :)

Hiemash Erdawathy Hussain said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lina said...

salam - ur macaron look so lovely :)

Jehanne said...

Hi, came across ur blog from the last MacTweets roundup, so glad there is another Malaysian whipping up Macs, I'm Malaysian but live in London for donkeys years now..well done on the new mac flavours, i so miss pandan flavour:-(...

KG said...

wiz...i buat apa yg the kids and mr hubs suka! kalau dekat boleh i hantar kat you!

KG said...

kak ezza....sabraq istighfar banyak banyak! hehe!

KG said...

rina...it's the butter in the crossant tt makes it more special and tastier!

KG said...

hiemash...pi buat senang saja!but macarons tu senang buat, tang jd tu kena ikut step by step betol betol...tu pun kekang terpeleot!

KG said...

lina..i dok admire kueh kesui you...tiap raya i mintak my hubs' auntie buatkan for bfast pagi raya, i beri dia choc cake! tqs for the recipe!

KG said...

tqs for dropping by! i must try one or two recipes frm your blog!nice!

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