Monday, 8 August 2011

Jom Masak Nasi Daging!

Morning everyone! After about a week fasting, I have gotten into the groove of eating early in the morning and forgetting my morning coffee, first thing when I got to my work-station! I have tried a few new recipes, but somehow I have still yet to find the sparks to make cookies for Eid! soooo lazy to tend to those minute creatures! I thought of making macarons, but, my MIL's would be too full to keep nah....maybe I'd make them when in Ayer Baloi...the kitchen is being renovated, and I haven't a clue of how it would turn out to be....not been back for quite a while! was hectic, hubs got contractors to paint the house! With loads of magazines and books and other nooks and crannies.,..the house was a total mess!...anyway....I did this and I did that, I bought this and I bought, no a new handbag or something of that vice, hehe.....but....hehe....won't tell you yet...

and after daily looking and drooling at all the cooks and bakes in arah's blog, I couldn't hold myself anymore! I had to make this yesterday! It's my hubs' favourite!
Nasi Daging
For Rice
4 cups Basmathi rice(about 300g, I used Jasmine's Pusa long grain)
400g topside beef ie daging lembut, daging batang pinang, thinly sliced
2 tbsp Adabi's Kurma powder, 1 tbsp Baba's Beef Curry powder
80 ml evaporated milk
2 large chopped tomatoes
1 sprig corriander leaves
1 spring curry leaves
5 1/2 cups water, I used the cup to measure the rice

To Sautee
1 medium onion, 5 cloves garlic, 2 inches ginger, pound uisng mortar and pestle or blend, I pounded mine
1 large onion, sliced
2 screwpine leaves
1 stalk lemongrass, lightly pound the tip
2 tbsp butter
2 tbsp cooking oil
1.Wash rice, drain the water and set aside.
2.Heat butter and oil, sautee sliced onions and screwpine leaves until frangrant.
3.Add the pounded onion, garlic, ginger, throw in the curry leaves and lemongrass.
4.Add in the Kurma and Curry powder which you have added a bit of water to turn them into a paste. Over medium heat sautee until dry and oil comes out.
5.Add water and evaporated milk. Add the sliced beef.Add salt and a pinch of sugar to taste.
6.Let (5) simmer and beef is about 50% cooked. Add rice, corriander leaves and chopped tomatoes.
7.I let this simmer a bit before trasferring my pot into the rice cooker.
8.Rice will be cooked after about 15 minutes.
Air Assam MIL Sayang
...yup Mil loves it when I make Air Assam!
1 medium onion, sliced and lightly pound
3 red chillies, 2 cili padi, lightly pound with
1 tbsp belacan, prawn paste
2 large onion, chopped and light pound
1 torch ginger , thinly sliced
juice of 2 limes
200 ml cooled boiled water
salt and sugar to taste.
I just add all of the above in a large bowl and waited for iftar!

Thank you Arah for this recipe and all the recipes that you are posting! Think next year I'll take the entire Ramadhan off so that I can try all the recipes daily!'ll find that I have tweaked this recipe, as usual, hehe! And thank you also the original contributors Dapurku Sayang and Secubit GAram .
Guess who's most excited when Raya/Eid is coming??!! My hubs!...and this year (thank God) he started early! Curtains will be changed, pictures reframed, new cushion covers...amd he's talking about new plates and saucers! In the mean time, the house look like someone has gone amok! even the monkeys are playing elsewhere, haha! 
And, here's some macarons that I made for Fiza and Yusof on Saturday, Salted Caramel, Double Choc using Valrhona, and Raspberry Italian Meringue Buttercream! 

Till then, tra!


nonierahman said...

tudia..nasi daging sama air asam tomato.sedapnya...

Tina said...

yaniii... me first day posa today, sungguh menggoda the nasik!

new plates and saucers!! i telan ayaq lioq jugak! i must admit, you hubs memang ada great taste when it comes to pinggan so jealous of you guys' collection! (sambil terbayang the yellow and pink set in your gerobok)

Delicious-Cuppies said...

kak yaniiii...

den nak pitam tgk nasi daging tueee... dahler lapaqqqq!!! mlm tadi sahur roti jer... kengkonon kannn...

weekend nie nak try lah!

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Yanie,
Bak mai sepinggan? purrrr *giggles*

Rina NAR said...

wow it looks like a major renovation to me! tp cantik la..suka sgt. Anyway, ur Air Asam mcm best sgt. So far air asam kat rmh ni MIL mmg x pernah letak prawn paste. hurmmm kena try sekali...tx for sharing kak Yani!

lucky said...

Hello, been following your blog for awhile now. I just had nasi daging for buka puasa at a friend's house, terlupa nak mintak resipi. n today u letak. sedapnya! m gonna try it :) thanks for sharing! :D

- Greetings from Germany -

Edi said...

saje je buat org lapar lah kak yani!
bestnyer... rumah mesti cantik raye nanti.. rumah u mmg byk brg tp somehow it feels so cosy .. suke!

mrs plain-june said...

huhuhu.. rindunya kat tok bila tgk nasik daging ni! she made the best nasik daging & yet cucu bertuah ni x gheti2 nk belajaq.. now, its too late oredi :(
wah! nanti raya boleh p skodeng rumah berwajah baru itu! ;)

Rima said...

Woahhh best kan if dapat do something for house.. i am so into that but if kita aje nak ke buat pun boleh jadi patah semangat lol.. sure cantik kannn :o)

KG said...

nonie...mmg sedap! it's the family's fav!

KG said...

tina...tak dak new plastes kot! but rumah tgh tunggang terbalik!

KG said...

mimie...jgn tumbang dulu, pi buat nasi daging ni!

KG said...

cat....sudah terlambat sudah habis meow meow!

KG said...

rina, air assam my mil pun...sbb tulah i kata air assam mil sayang, lepas dia makan i nye version, mmg i lah kena buat!

KG said...

lucky....lucky you!

KG said...

edi...rumag nampak cerah sikit, dgn cat baru, but i sudah salah oilih kaler dapirq! and got to clear my toyogo boxes! huibs dah bising!

KG said...

ju....sedap, but of coursetak sama mcm my aunt yg dok di pendang buat, huhuhu!

KG said... baru jer! and clear loads of stuffs! i need a new huge cabinet (and a fridge, hubs tak beri) to keep my barangs...just realised the many many baking tins and trays tt i hv been collecting!

Edi said...

kak yani, yes, u do have loadsss of toyogo boxes! hehe.. good luck with that!

Wiz said...

Waaa yani dpt rumah baru bestnyer. I am still with the old curtains old cushions old tikar. But hopefully bu the end of puasa I will get a new me, improved one yg baik sikit la drp sekarang. Amin.

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