Monday, 15 August 2011

Kacang Pool!

Kacang Pool! Yes, hubs wrote on my fb wall asking for this yesterday. He was driving back to KL from Ayer Baloi with Muhammad, Umar and Ibraheem. I had just finished making macarons, 2 batches cracked with feet...the weather was not healping, and I was really trying despite the damp and humid air!

Don't know why this soup/stew, sort of is called Kacang Pool...I gather it's due to the fact that you jumble up a few types of means to make this dish. My first encounter with this delicious dish was at my MIL's late brother's house during Raya, a few years back...yup at Pak Cik Aman's house.... and here's his recipe....
1 medium onion
5 cloves garlic
2 inches ginger, pound all this ingredients.
2 tbsp rempah Khurma Adabi, I used rempah Sup, left mine with the bag in Pasar Kecil Melawati, huhuhu
2 tbsp rempah Beryani, I used Haji Senan's....lucky there was a packet in my fridge, brought by MIL!
about 4 cans of beans in salted water, I used kidney bean, chic peas, green peas and baked beans.
1 tbsp oil
2 tbsp ghee...teeheee!
300g minced meat, I used fresh minced beef from Pasar Tani
1. Heat oil, sautee onion, ginger, garlic paste till fragrant.
2.Add the beryani and khurma spices that you have mixed into a paste, fry intil fragrant.
3. Add the minced beef, fry until all the juices dried up.
4.Add all the beans together with water.
5.Add salt to taste, let simmer, and remove from fire.

Best served with bread, sunny side up, fresh lemon juice, sliced green chillies and melted ghee...teeheee!
On Saturday, Yusof booked Carlos for our iftar, I obliged as I had spent the whole morning till about 5 pm making cookies for Mak and MIL! I had Seafood Sphagetti!
...last night this kenits found last year bunga Raya kinda started early for Umar, Ibraheem and Hajar!

......more baking from now till Raya, woohoo...and preparation for orders on 9th Sept as well, woot woot!

Pics of my cookies will follow....


Tina said...

kacang pool!! i still have cans of kekacang from last year open house nyer kacang pool project! not yet expired, I hope!! hehe

Khadijah is looking more like you and Yusof sangat anak teruna for a 14 year old...Hajar so sweet! Mak depa nampak wangiiiii ;)

Dr. H said...

He he macam car pooling juga, cumanya passengers r kacang. I like turning the mince meat into pagedil shape, with lil bit of pepper inside, coat with egg n fry first, then after can meriahkan all the beans, sort of modified beef steak yg my mither buat.

Mrs & Miss Vanilla said...

Selalunya I buat kcg phool pakai broad beans je. Never try to use assorted beans though... Should give it a try huh?

Tak sabor2 nak tgk biskut raya u ye...And I'm going to make that super duper Kek Lapis Marie Cheese of yours... (wonder why they call Kek Lapis in the first place)...


Wiz said...

Anak saya allergic to diffret types of kacang!!! so forget the idea of trying this recipe.

Bu the cupcakes look nice,. Sedap tak yanie without the cream cheese frosting?

Yea la like tina said, the mak nampak so wangi!

Rina NAR said...

waaa raya cookies dh start 'berapi' dah tu...i kena habiskan orders dulu pastuh baru bole re-stock cookies for my PIL...yg buat ari tu dh nak habis ...adedede....neway, kacang pool it's everyones fav kat rmh ni...biasa kitorang makan with 'telur mata' sekali :D

ijayuji said...

Tak pernah pun buat kacang phool nii, nanti nak cuba buat jugak, makan dgn roti jer ya kak :D meriah sungguh di hari raya~~~~ dah main munga api daaaaa :D oh sgt rindukan suasana ituuuu :-(

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