Friday, 30 September 2011

Let Your Life Be Filled With Colours!

I didn't realise that I have been making this coluorful morsels until i put them all up here! They have indeed added some colours to my weekly routines! ....and despite the kecohness at home especially dealing with my children, am happy to whisk the meringue, sift the ground almond and powdered sugar, add the colours and do the macaronage while counting........42, 43, 45.....sometime up to 50, sometimes slightly overfolded,'s my tqs!
Almond Macarons in Salty Peanut Butter (new and new fav!), Passion Fruit White Choc Ganache (new, and using the passionfruits frm Uda's garden in Muor!) and Lychee and Rose Tea Infused White Choc Ganache (new...and oh so romantic, this one!)(...tqs Rima for this inspiration in new fillings!), and tqs Aunty Buntat and Oni for this orders!
I decided to split the batter into 2 portions and coloured them yellow and peach and made this marbled effect Macarons, Passionfruit White Choc Ganache and Mango Cheese (new) fillings, tqs Sham!
The weekend was also filled with all time favs...Congo Bars, and one was with Butterscotch morsels! Tqs Yong, tqs Lyana!
hmmmmm...after turning down her orders several times, I have 'no more face' to hide, 50 Raspberry Shortbread Tartlets for sweet Aein! Tqs Aein!
A last minute order from a diva from ALevels days...Devils Food Choc Cake with Cream Cheese and Berries...somehow I couldn't find fresh strwberries last weekend! Tqs Ely!
Macarons add colour to my life, I also met old friends because of thee....Salty Peanut Butter and Salted Caramel Macarons for Shida, tqs Shida! Batch 3 KPP ITM Alevels geng!
...she had waited a while for this, Ely and Intan were my classmates during Alevels...they were the colours of my KPP life them, we had so much fun together, with the lecturers...the world belonged to us then , haha! tqs Intan KZ! 
Made these for my primary school classmate Vickie Liew who's back for a holiday from Sydney!
...and this are for Lya, Double Choc Macarons and Almond Macarons in Mixed Berries White Choc Ganache, Salted Caramel, Salty Peanut Butter, and Passionfruit White Choc Ganache, tqs Lya!

I have not been able to try any new recipes, but I'll put up a post on the essential tools to have to get satrted at baking next excited! Hope you are too! Happy and healthy weekend beautiful peeps...err...I really have to check my glucose level, been mucnhing macarons ever since I got holf of Rima's macarons, yikes...but I love it!


Ribbon Clown said...

Rose tea infused white choc..sounds lovely.. nak rasa/order skang jugak!!! he he

colorful macs..I wish I have mac eaters around me so I could whip them every now and then..

Ribbon Clown said...

oh thanks for the link btw.. hehe Im flattered..:)

Rima said...

memang harus itew salted peanut butter filling menjadi fav mu.. ramai yg suka that fillings.. itew white chocolate passionfruits also sungguh segar.. :o)

If u hv craving u just hv to whip it urself lol.. tak yah gi jauh jauh

Hiemash Erdawathy Hussain said...

kak, u from kpp?? was it at sec 18 shah alam...i was there also under ADP3 program but it was called ppp during my uni days :)

Rina NAR said...

kak yani....ur congo bars was a hit!!!this week nak buat lagi...:D

Wiz said...

Yanie, KPP days are always treasured kan. eventhough kita tak sama batch, but I sensed your presence then! ;o)

myra-lena said...

Dear Yani...

I finally got to taste the yummy macarons... Courtesy of Aunty Hawa @ Buntat!



Cik Eka said...

nampak sedapnya coklat kek..
berapa harga tu ye kak

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