Monday, 12 September 2011

A Wedding and An Engagement!

I was completely pooped last night....but I was darn happy! Lega at the same time!This projects that I decided to take on a few months for two special people were executed on Saturday...phew! Kak Puteri, whom I met through this blogsphere and Aunty Jude, a lovely, lovely lady! Let's see!
A Four Tier Cake, 3 layers of dummy cakes, thank you Kak Puteri for that, I prepared the dummies on Thursday and finished the rest on Friday wee hours of the morning! The base was a Victoria Sandwich Cake layered with Maman's Blackberry Conserve! It ws time consuming, but enjoyed doing this!
The beautiful bride Nawwar and her husband...and Kak Ollie and Kak Teh, who's back for raya from London!
About 40 pieces of two shades of green Macarons, Peanut Butter in Swiss Meringue Buttercream and Passion Fruit Curd Filling!
All this to top two macaron towers on the Meja Pengantin!
Two Macaron Towers! There were about 45 macarons on each tower...loved looking at this!

In the tv room...the coldest part of the house!
...but this was the moment that I had waited for....meeting my fellow makcik bloggers....the real reason that made me smile! Thank you Kak Puteri for the trust on me tobe part of this joyous occasion!
A Hummingbird Cake as Hantaran Cake (3 layers of 7 inches cakes), Red Velvet Cuppies and Devil's Food Chocolate Cake with Choc Ganache, Cream Cheese and Strawberries for the bertunang reception! Thank you Aunty Jude, but sorry I couldn't attend the Tunang Ceremony...I was pacaking mac towers!

I had Kak Zai, a fellow baker who inspired me to bake and my adik Farrish came for raya zirah after I came back from Kak Puteri's...I made Nasi Daging, got some Lemang and Farrrish brought some satay. Made some macarons...all were gone when they left...and I slept soundly smilingly last nite :p...what a great weekend!


TGAtales said...

cakes look absolutely fabulous, yani...tapi x sempat rasa!! Next time, I'm putting all formalities aside and will dive in head first!!

MamaTim said...

I asyik ternganga tengok all your beautiful creations Yani. I'm just amazed ngan your bountiful energy, U're quite an inspiration, really!!

azura said...

Salam Yani,i nk tau price for Macaron Towers yg u buat tu? boleh email i:


tireless mom said...

awhhh.. so beautiful

Cikmin said...

morning KG...wahhhhh...gojes..gojes..i like...tina punya tower pun gojes like yours...uols ni memang kreatif lah...

p/s 1st time kot I left komen sini..?hihi..

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