Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Sana Sini Raya Part 2 Raya continues! On the 3rd Syawal we left Muor for Ayer Baloi! The new kitchen is still in progress, so there is no open house, yet! I cleaned and scrubbed whatever that needed scrubbing and cleaning and chilled! Didn't even visit my neighbout Fuad and Ani...they were not around most times....beraya!

The abode at night!

Kids played bunga api....whilst I tried my hand with varying shutters and speed...hancurs! Without reading the manual...I definitely need to beef up my photography skills on this!
This linen, duvet covers have been used since Khadijah was 2!
Hajar and her games!
A bug in the house!
Muhammad helping me to kemas rumah!
The sliding door linking the guest room behind the main house and the new kitchen...the guest room will be my new den, provided the open air bathroom is covered! hehe...takuuut!
Passion fruits from Pagoh on the island top!
...and we went to JB, Pak Ngah's house on Friday.....vintage china for Mak Ngah during hantaran nikah, woo hoo!
Pak Ngah will make sure enough stock of this during raya, amongst the cookies and cakes....sotong kering and dried plums...sedaap!
Mak Ngah's collecctions of vintage porcelains! I loike!
Bee Hoon Singapura!...Wendy's way!
Bawang Putih, Bawang Merah, Cili Boh, Blend and tumis. Masukkan beehoon yang telah direndam, masukkan daun kucai, garam secukup rasa. Makan dengan kuah taucu! Tumis bawang poutih, bawang merah, udang kering, taucu, cili boh yang telah diblend. Masukkan air, biar sehingga mendidih, masukkan hirisan tomato dan sedikit udang hidup...garam dan gula secukup rasa!
After the Bee Hoon Singapura, we leapks, while waiting for Wendy and Mak Ngah prepared lunch!...makan lagi!

Ikan Kembung Masak Tempoyak! I had to tahan my breath while looking at Wendy cooking this! Tak suka durian!
4 ekor ikan kembung, dikerat dua. 5 ulas bawang merah, 3 ulas bawang putih, 3 biji cili hidup...all this ditumbuk. Rebus dengan 2 mangkuk air, biar mendidih, masukkan, daun kesum, assam keping, 3 sudu besar tempoyak (urgghhhh)...can put more if you wish, serai dititk, garam and gula secukup rasa!
Hubs siap hirup the kuah you!
....and back at home in KL on Saturday...evening!
Love this.....

...and this!
....and made this on Sunday to deliver on Tuesday, while waiting for my mak and ayah to come beraya!

Hub's vintage ceramic tray!

Mak Ayah, Boy, Su, we boraked and makan...I made Vegetable Biryani and Tandoori Chicken using the masal that I got from Colombo!


Ana Rashid said...

Yani, meehoon siam singapore is of course, this household's fave dish! I used to make the kuah myself until I came across Woh Hup's Mee Siam Singapore Kak Ana campoq tolak bila masak ni.

Just so love the rumah at Ayaq Baloi...memang berbaloi-baloi, nooo??? Ni dok frust sebab macs tak jadi2 sejak before raya and up till now...maybe the bahan2 kot!

Anyways, amat menggemari the macs in this post!

Wiz said...

WHen you have a good camera, everything looks extra nice and scrumptious. Even if youtgkap gambar ikan masin with nasi putih pun akan nampak so exotic tau. Love all the pictures.

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