Monday, 2 July 2012

Decadent Chocolate Mousse...and The Weekend That Was...

....what a week and what a weekend I had last week! I was running on auto-mode, not having the time to think at all, it was just do, do and do! Anyway, Khadijah is now safely tucked in Intec, a college under MARA that prepares students for various courses overseas. The whole idea about her continuing her Alevels in Taylors with the scholarship in hand was not working, so we abandoned ship! We sent her to register and check in her flat yesterday...alhamdulillah, she should be starting her classes today!

We have not had any cousins nephews or nieces getting married lately, but last Saturday we attended hubs' niece's wedding reception at Dataran was a nice family reunion before we see each other again on the first day of Syawal!

So, last night I made some macaron shells and before I slept I made this Chocolate Mousse with the leftover yolks which whites I used for my macarons. by the way, I delivered a box of hantaran macarons for an Instagram friend who is in Sungai Petani but here to fethc his bakal tunang who came back from the UK. Life is great, technology rocks!

40g egg yolks
30g castor sugar
30g water
170g dark chocolate melted, I used the last bits of Belgian chocs that I got from Sunlik
300g heavy cream, whip to soft peak 
I added half a tsp of vanilla extract, too!

1.Beat egg yolks till pale and frothy.
2.Bring sugar and water to a boil in a saucepan to about 118C. I didnt use a thermometer, just make sure your sugar syrup leaves a sticky mark on the side of the pan, when you tilt the pan.
3.Whip the sugar syrup into the egg yolks. Whip to the sides of the bowl is cool
4.Fold melted chocolate into the mixture, it will form a thick and gooey sauce.
5.Fold one third of the whip cream into the mixture to loosen.
6.Fold the rest of the whip cream until well this point you can stop and enjoy this dessert, but best to chill for at least 4 hours before serving.
7.Pour into desired containers, and chill ya! 

This recipe is from Su, the owner of Delectables, I got this recipe from her blog, The Journal Of A girl Who Loves To Cook.

.....habis...and there is something about digging in into a pot of creamy, smooth and decadent just calms you down and take your breath away!

...and here are some photos at the kenduri and Khadijah's new bed!

Cheeky Muhammad playing with some guests!

Ibraheem, Umar and their cousins, I love this picture even though the technicals of this picture could be better! Yusof was minding the car park at this point! enough to carry my bag, LOL!

Khadijah's new bed and her current read!

Have a brilliant and productive week, peeps...xoxo Yani, the Kitchen Guardian!


Anonymous said...

dah besar dah anak2 kita kan Yanie? soon everyone will leave their nest to pursue their dreams. We will too take on that dream of travelling to you know where.


Murni said...

Mcm sedap je mousse tu Yanie. U ni x bagi peluang langsung utk I go on diet, sungguh kejam. By the way I really love the paisley motif yg kat bedsheet tu...

Jamie said...

What a lovely post and beautiful children! Ah, mine are growing up and going away as well, starting new phases in their lives and it is both exciting and scary for me as mom. I need some of this gorgeous, creamy chocolate mousse!

Anonymous said...

Salam kitchenguardian, i gotta let you know i stay up till 1.40am reading the WHOLE the very 1st. Nope,lest you might think that i might be stalking. *smile* I'm a mum of 5. Never blog. Rarely online.I simply share your passion for baking/cooking..err maybe not..just buying cookbooks.Wishing you all the best and many thanks for sharing the joy in your life.-mai

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Khatijah.Pandai cam mak dia juga.Wow! uitm has nice beds in pink for Khadijah.


Marzaimi Abd Halim said...

Salam Yanie,
Tak dan nak jumpa hang lepas tu, kalut pihantag anak aku kat Kolej akasia blok 4,
Anak hang kat kolej mana ...


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