Thursday, 5 July 2012

Go Make Macarons!

...good afternoon is my silat most hyper and have lots and lots to do...but I find that when pressed and under pressure, I perform best! Yeah , considering that I busted a tray of Devils Food Choc Cupcakes at midnight last night....errr I forgot the baking soda...what!

Anyway, I have been getting many mails asking about macaron making. I am attching here a video that has helped me through macaron making that I leanrt from Mr Google...wink....and salivate over this Coffee Macarons...they are my favourites!

Ingredients....recipe belongs to Jill Collona, that I tweaked!
50g egg whites, better to age them 3 or 4 days in the fridge
25g caster sugar
55g ground almond
80g icing sugar
5g instant coffee...I used Nescafe Gold, my current fav

...and see this video to put them together ya! You can use this double boil method if using fresh egg whites or omit if using aged egg whites. I have whipped fresh egg whites without using this method, it worked out all the same except that beating time is slightly longer!

enjoy, enjoy, enjoy....hugs...Yani the Kitchen Guardian xoxo 

ps...if this too and everything else don't work contact me for a private class at the warmth of your kitchen!



Salam. Superb macarons maker in M'sia thats all I can say abt U. Keep up yr hard work. Just to share with U I dah 4 times buang MAC yg I bake. Only the 1st time really jd. The rest I dont know wat when wrong. At one time I dry inside my daughter room BUT the result yeak. I tak patah semangat I will try & try. I really ADORE yr MAC.

IntanRizal said...

salam k. KG,
i've tried twice buat macaron, the 1st time memang salah i sebab tak tahu kata kena tunggu sampai harden. 2nd time try.. i baru siap pipekan terus hujan turun.. so, i tunggu for 2 hrs, my mc shell still tak ada shell so, definitely la kena buang...
nak tnya macam mana nak dapatkan mac shell yg elok kalau buat dalm musim hujan..

Free Recipes said...

Assalamu alaikum,
Sound delicious for this recipe! It's make me so hungry! I can't wait to eat this :)
Thanks for the video.

Gardenia said...

Great yummy treat.....
my kids will fall in love with that

Unknown said...

Saya ada pertanyaan, ada substitute yang sesuai tak untuk almond flour?

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