Monday, 27 August 2012

Hello Monday (blues) ...Not

Assalamualaikum, good morning!...ooohhh where do I begin??!! Blogging, working and baking?? I left this house for so was a real hectic Ramadhan and Syawal for me...I lost  a few kilos, and then gained over the syawal break.....I had coffee with cookies at the wee hours hours of the morning after doing the household chores and the visiotrs left lol, haha...what a foodie would do infront of all those cookie jars!

So, today am back at work...taking a breather now as I couldn't choose which to put my fingers in first! I have loads of pics to post, but mostly captured on my Instgram, I'm an addict now haha. ....and baking resumed last night with my first order, and more to come this weekend, open houses, birthdays and weddings all happening this weekend! In the mean time...enjoy this pics!

Trying to capture a moment with Muhammad before our family photoshoot at MIL's in Muar! Currently loving that bag from Cotton On!

...then while in Ayer Baloi, Pontian, I went jalan-jalan cari pasal in Johor Premium Outlets...hubs gave me an hour...I got a new bag from Oroton...women and handbags, what can you say...and am in love with this aviators...Ray Ban of course, perhaps a smaller one for me! in my fav Uniqlo blue shirt and Radiusite syria and my faux phyton Furla beg kepit!...and newfound love MAC Kinda Sexy lippy!

Del.ivered this first order this morning, done at 12++ last night. Tqs Ely!

See more of you soon, xoxo Yani, the Kitchen Guardian 


Cilantro said...

Hi Yani,

Eid mubarak to you and family lovely pictures!!!!!!


Salam Aidulfitri kak yani, ada potential jadi paid blogger ni! Thumbs up as always!

KG said...

tqs Cilantro!

KG said...

Putri Royal Jester...wah raya sakan sampai terdotdotdot....


alo..itu dot sebelum ramadhan lagi.kekekkekkek

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