Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Lebaran Treats

...gosh I missed blogging! ...I have been baking almost every night since last week. I still have my orders to do this week, but in between I managed to squeeze some baking for my MIL. My cookies and cakes will have to wait till after raya!

This year our raya preparation is very minimal...I got new clothings for the kids some two months before ramadhan....the kids got their new clothings once a year and that is during raya, we are not big into bajus and stuff. But this raya we are truly blessed, think I almost completed my little bakeshop if I wanted to , got my chiller, industrial oven, replaced my broken oven, an aircond unit in the living and dining area (for macarons and fondant, wakaka), an industrial mixer...so as not to overuse my kmix....and new cars, alhamdulillah!...and I got a few new hijabs as well, haha...am not into fashion , but they come really nice nowadays, and with online shopping, things are made so easy to purchase.....ampun! tak nak beli dah lol!

Anyway, here's some cookies that I made. I also made Kek Buah Kukus, and will concentrate on cakes (lapisss???) from next Tuesday, inshaallah! Enjoy!

Biskut Samprit, recipe in this blog, original recipe from Lyana Mauseth who's flown back to Norway, sob sob.

Biskut Arab, recipe from Rina of Cantek Sekali Deli

Chocolate Sables, recipe from Rima...couldn't stop eating this last night!

Frambozen Kenari...oh my, super duper yums and 100000000 times better than storebought! Recipe from Azlita Aziz of Masam Manis!

.....jom dengar lagu raya...

Till then, selamat berpuasa xoxo Yani , the Kitchen Guardian


ijayuji said...

Salam kak yani!! Kita baju apa pun tak beli lg :D tiap2 tahun baju yg sama ehehe... Maklomlah takde org dtg beraya :D coklat sable tu mmg sedap, semprit akak cantek!!! Rajin betul akak, bz bz pun sempat buat kukus raya :)) beskut kereya kenari tu pun nk try buat lah ramai kata sedap :D

ijayuji said...

Typo- kukus tu kukis sbnrnya :D

LifeBloom said...

Love this post and joining yr joy in the completion of yr bakeshop! Happy2x so happy for you...Nanti nak jalan2x tgk you buat kuih bawak my Bubu jumpa Auntie KG..she is an eater ..be forewarned hihi :)

wiz said...

In time to come you will be opening the door to your house and have a small cafe at the side! Mesti ramai yg beratur nak enjoy your bakes ok!

Selamat Hari Raya Yanie.

ummisara said...

kak yani...*sob sob* sbb lyana dah nak balik kan kan..

kak naz pun sama :(

tqa ikhwan said...

Salam. Just recently discovered your blog. I really respect you coz u r full time working mom with 6 kids and besides that u have time to bake & blogging!! Take care & Selamat Hari Raya.

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