Friday, 24 April 2009

Banyak Membaca Jauh Perjalanan

I couldn't really sleep last night, after the baking and doing the swirls in the colours that I really love (the adrenaline rush that I get from baking, ha ha) I sat on my bed, glancing through In Style magazine that I purchased in the afternoon and Donna Hay! Next to my bed are 2 stacks of books that I barely read these days.....time is no excuse actually!

And, I thought of the books that I have read, impacted me, my thoughts, my behaviour....I have never been an avid reader, up until reading law in uni, I very much preferred to resort to Nutshells....think they still exist until today...However, my path crossed with some very important people that have changed my life to READ!

And, so I began reading, sometime in 2001! Before that, the books that made me become more confident and to change the course of my life, from a career in banking to my vocation now, were The Magic Of Thinking Big and Who Moved My Cheese!
Then, I started reading Today Matters...brilliant book, it taught me to assess my finances (no, I tak jadi millionaire yet...far from it, but...)my health, my attitude towards my loved ones, my religion.....

Then, I read Failing Forward...hmmm, I even managed to get John Maxwell to autograph my copy, the company I work in actually sponsored his trip to Malaysia then, I had to sort documentation for him and my company...and he is a very fatherly figure, full of wisdom!

There was also Personality Plus, it made me understand me better...I was not the same tactless person as I used to be, if I do , now, it's by choice, ha ha I do that sometime!!

Then, it was Tuesdays With value your loved ones once you read this book!

I bought Don't Be Sad during my trip to Mecca...saw the Malay edition here, but fell in love with the English's my daily comfort and guidance, the book is full of scribbles and notes, by me!

Daily Drucker...equip me to go through working life and how to behave with other colleagues, love it love it, love it!

Of course, there was also Mr Richard Branson...the "just do it" man....he taught me just do it! Well, over the years of reading, I was doing more thinking and pondering, but very afraid to make any first step at all, in the things that I want to do....they are'll see it happening one by one...shortly and surely!
Hmm, coming back to the stack of books...there were The Last Lecture, The World Is Flat, Freakanomics, Awang Goneng, Built To Last....the Holy Quran.....


Kak Teh said...

KG, the only book in your list that i have read is Tuesdays with Morrie. Since January, I can say I have gobbled up so many books, and mostly things to do with Malaysia - I read Once Removed by Andrew Leci, Several Short stories by our malay writers, read again Ibu Melayu mengelilingi Dunia, ;Out in the East by GED Lewis and now am into From Beirut to Jerusalem by Dr Ang Swee Chai. I cant seem to get into motivational books..i need more motivation to do that...sigh!

anedra said...

it must be in our blood or something - just like KakTeh, I cant seem to read motivational books! Haha..mesti tertidur, I think I can be too much of a sceptic sometimes. Tuesdays with Morrie was pretty good tho. Of course I read AG - sbb kalau tak baca kena sumpah 1000 tahung kot! hehe. I do read tho, a lot. A big chunk of my paycheck goes to bookstores and

ps. I love the cupcakes in your previous blogs. Kalau takde sape nak makn, ingat-ingat lah neighbour you yang gumuk gedempol ni ok?? I will be over in lightning speed!

KG said...

Kak Teh, Anedra,

Guess those years i really need to motivaye myself and prep myself up....but really am not a fiction book person...nowadays i dont buy self help books, got more on economics, management, classic novels, but i was never into barbara cartland, dabiell steel and the such...rather make all the love stories than read one, ha ha! and of course now i "read" more glossy mags.. bazaar, instyle (my fav),started buying martha stewart, donna hay...shows my age kot!

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