Sunday, 26 April 2009

Valrhona...oh Valrhona....

SIL asked for my help to make cuppies for her hubby's birthday...and she didn't want vanilla cakes or carrot cakes...but chocolate cakes! I immediately jumped at the idea of trying Valrhona me it is the king of chocolate because of its cocoa content, hence, the deep taste!
Since hubby had a meeting in PJ on Friday, I mintak tolong from him to pop by Cake Connection to get the expensive black brown oval pieces of Valhorna chocolate...they were RM22.80 for 250 gm!
I made Chocolate Mud Cupcake and the result was the above! And the taste of the was like rocket going to be launched......heavenly, dark and sensual...da bomp!...Happy Birthday Yeop!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cake...mmg sedap.

Anies Azeera said...

Mouth watering lah Yani .. and I like the teddy bears.

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