Friday, 3 April 2009

Senandung Semalam......

As I was reading the post by Serenity Now - Naz, about the April Fools tricks we had on our just observed then, as moi was a Prefect...sane konon and cut off (done by self) and busy with chores and school activities, I remember that I loved this song by Alleycats....this song also reminded me of the petang-petang that I like to gaze outside my house No. 152, Taman Nakishah, Jalan Datok Kumbar, Alor Starq, I looked as far as I could and could see the glimpse of Tort's Ita's house in Lanngarq at the far end of the padi fileds and smell the padi fields....I never joined the other kids playing at the playground, I'd rather stay at home belek the mango trees and its blossoms and the orchids that I planted and do revision, school work.....and I thought then, what would become of me when I grew...also at the back of my mine, I wanted to hold the Piala Pidata Perdana Menteri and go to London to see the Queen and London Bridge......enjoy this song, have a brillaint weekend you all!!


Naz in Norway said...

I think you have forgotten that the prefects were actually the worst on that day! :D

anedra said...

were you a PPM debater? I was one for my school- English. Never managed to get to the finals, semis je. Tak merasa piala tu jugak..sob, sob. Sekarang debater dapur. hehe.

t o r t s said...

yani, cud u actually see my house melepasi all those bendang? pintu rhumah kat taman dato kumbark kot ler..
was a prefect too - and i was having fun. yes - i remember u of a different species, heheheh! and talking abt PPM debater - i remember the very well alkesah roslina hashim(?) and shukri noordin.

p.s kim salam to haq ;)

t o r t s said...

i must add tho - you and sudirman's lagu hujan - "hujan yang turun bagaikan mutiara..."

p.s bila nak jempu anedra and i pi ghumah u ni?

tireless mom said...

Dear KG

Memang sah you are very talented. can cook and can pidato.

Bestnya membesar in the paddy fields. Macam kat prairie pulak!

Anonymous said...

I love this song too Yannie, naik bulu roma dgr kan? Funny thing is I have been humming this song lately and when I popped inhere with this song featured, lagi la naik bulu roma ha ha ha.

But thanks for posting this.

KG said...


Yes, but not me, ha ha!!


Yes, I was a PPM debater, tapi we all kalah round awal lagi! Tapi I kahwin dengan PPM debater and dapatlah jugak simpan pila Perdana Menteri tu!!!


Iya, nampak glimps of lampu, tak nampaklah, semua dah jadi ghumah! Hmm, wonder where is Roslina Hashim and Shukrey Nordin tu!

Ha lagu Hujan, ada ceghita lain pulak....kita pi swim ghumah Anedralah, I bawak food nak tak!??


Think am seriuosly in the wrong line, pidato tu dulu, now I yes man je!


Tu lagu orang lama macam i, lagu Britney ka, Back Street Boys ka...semua i tak tau!!

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