Monday, 19 April 2010

Living Life and Loving It

This post is about my celebration of life. I had a very hectic time at work last week, but at the same time I had a terrific time doing the things I enjoyed doing and spent terrific moments with loved ones. I had planned much earlier for a Friday off day last week to just laze around, I ended up baking the whole day....and I enjoyed every minute of it! I also met some wonderful people who read my blog....Faridah and Nooriza and yet to see face to face visitors who dropped Fayza....

On Thursday, hubby decided to throw a surprise birthday lunch for his partner aka Superwomanwannabe at Rahsia...and I made Devil's Food Chocolate Cake the way I want it to be...with Strawberries, Chocolate Ganache, Cream Cheese and Valrhona Chocolate....hmm, am still thinking about it until today...the taste of Valrohna infused with the smell of strawberries and the silky taste of Cream Cheese so palatable but was just so heavenly!

I slept at 1.30 that night finishing the hantaran cakes for my other sister from a different father and mother, but we look so much alike...Liza. The cakes were going to Muar, for her cousin's akad nikah!

And, I slept at 2.30 on Saturday morning, smiling, after completing successfully a Barbie Cake for the overjoyed birthday girl Fatini.....and also because I met Nooriza, who came all the way from Bukit Jelutong to collect her cake for her husband that night. And Nooriza's husband also shares the same passion like my husband's, they loved what I call "kayu buruk" solid wood furnitures, my husband is more inclined towards vintage ones! When I spoke to her earlier, we shed tears when she told me about her young toddler who had just completed his chemo treatment, he too has ALL leukemia like my sil, subhanallah! I feel her pain, but Allah knows best what's in it for you....

And, Saturday I followed husband back to Ayer Baloi, after missing so many trips there with him...and my! He had filled up the house with new collections of vintage plates and crockery and "kayu buruks", looks like we might be moving there sooner than I thought?!!

And, the renovations for our new room and open's going to be a new love-nest for moi and hubby!!??

And, of course, what's a trip to Pontian without going for the seafood in Kukup...ahh, I can never get enough of what I did last week! Enjoy the pictures!
Devil's Food Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese, Chocolate Ganache and fresh Strawberries using Valrhona Chocolate for Superwomanwannabe!
Chocolate Moist Cake with Chocolate Ganache using Valrhona Chocolate ordered by Aisya who can't get enough of this cake, thank you Aisya.
Happy Birthday Superwomanwannabe!
At Rahsia, Jln Aman.Mrs N, hubby and SW.
My favourite!
The mini cuppies from mak pengantin for her biras!
Hantaran cupcakes in white and silver, thank you Liza!(My photographic skills are not doing justice to this photos!)
I'm into bows now, ha ha!
And this rose!
Devil's Food Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache from Husna and Husni for Abah, thank you Nooriza.
Cupcakes with Barbie's edible image for Fatini.
A Barbie Cake, yeay!
Happy 6th Birthday Fatini! Thank you Faridah!
I loved this!
And now, the pictures taken in Ayer Baloi and Kukup.....
Psssion Fruits
Buah Nona
Fresh prawns from Pulau Pisang, it was in season, so, it was very cheap....bought some for mom, mil and SW!
The Geisha...I loved this one!
Hubby's craze....
And some more craze...he has this in green as well!
The making of a new room and open air the people of Ayer Baloi wants to have this also in their house!
Hubby had been wanting this a looooong time already!
Hajar and solid wood window with shutters, custom made ordered by hubby.
Can't live without these!
Prawn in fried in nestum, yum yum!
Steamed bawal cermin.
Fried mantou.
Khadijah and her buku cerita...
On the boat ride around Kukup.
Fish farm on the waters of Kukup.
Rabbits from a petshop where we got our "ice-box" for the prawns!
Canary? House-robbins?
And, finally pineapples...a trip to Ayer Baloi is not complete without this to bring back to KL!
...and I loved playing around with my new Nikon, the colours are so I'm thinking of a macro lense...for birthday, ehem !


Wiz said...

Nice, nice, nice for the nicest lady!

MrsNordin said...

I like Hajar's photo by the window! Great shot!

Naz said...

But of course, I am always bias when it has anything to do with HAJAR :)

LifeBloom said...

Lovely3x pics KG...Hope alls well with you. The pottery is gorgeous...:D

Izan Aziz said...

Congratulations... cantik barbie cake tu...kak Izan tak pernah buat lagi walaupun dah belajar..he he he

edi said...

kak yanie, great photos!! and love the hantaran cupcakes with bows.. super sweet!

ps: bila bday?

hezzie said... do i order your cakes? i so badly want to order your devil chocolate cake with cream cheese and strawberries like the one in this post. i need it this Sunday, 2 May 2010. Please email me at for the order details. thanks.

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