Sunday, 25 April 2010

Not Working Does Not Mean You Are A Lady Of Leisure!

Yes, that's very true! I discovered that not going to work and doing household chores with six children at my age very, very tiring! However, there is also a feeling of wholesomeness knowing that these two hands were the ones actually mopping and scrubbing the floor, folding clothes (I hate this so much!), cleaning Hajar and Muhammad, feeding them, running around and playing with them and hear their laughters, of course cooking and also becoming grumpy, ha ha!! But, I am very, very happy but, really, really exhausted...I have two documents I have to work on later when I wake up again in a few hours time!

And, here the cakes and bakes of last week that I made before Wahyan left on Saturday....Devil's Food Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese and Ganache was the falvour of last week! I made several of these, thank you Fayza (who also connected very well with me and hubby as soon as we opened our mouths!!), Nora (I hope the Raya project materialises, inshaallah), Rozlina (who also ordered moist chocolate cake) and for TM and my family to enjoy (too bad couldn't share with RG who was not well to meet TM and myself for lunch).
I couldn't get this image printedd as edible image, so I decided to create it using sugarpaste for Rozlina's son.
Another one for Rozlina's son and the mommy and daddy!
This blue reminds me of that thing in the Robin Blue Box...ehem, you know what I mean! They have some excuisite stuff that you never get sick of even by just looking at them!
And, ribbons and bows are in season with Yani, after butterflies! Thank you Nooriza for this orders!
I also love this gooseberry green..I have a cotton voile baju kurung in this colour, too!
And this is for a famous doctor in HUKM, from her nephew and niece...but Husne who is a leukemia patient was in hospital during the celebration, he was not well...sabar....that is all I can offer to mom Nooriza, you two are privileged ones!
And, here are the images of the beautiful colours of my life!
Hajar, putting on her 'dark glasses'!!
"Mom! Cantik!!", she kept on saying after that!
One of Khadijah's paintings!
Ibraheem and one of his best buddy at the latter's birthday celebration.
My manja Umar!
SW's Dahlia and Johan!


Wiz said...

Isn't it wonderful? That's all I tell myself everytime I look at the load of stuff I have to do with these two bare hands. (trying to console myself la tu heeeeeeee) Have a productive week ahead Yanie!

Naz said...

My line of work gives me the pleasure of having the best of both worlds. I think ini bukan statement pujuk hati from me but hakikat. I love being there for my kids and doing everything myself but at the same time, I think I am a better mom when I have something going for myself too.
I think you understand :)

edi said...

hey kak yanie..
mmg duduk rumah actually lagi letih dari pi kerja!! but the feeling of wholesomeness at the end of the day knowing YOU made everything happened for your family is definitely pricesless..
the kids must be overjoyed having you around 24-7.
have a great day ahead & take care ok!

NanaDJ said...


You are a real supermom plus super baker. Love your cakes but alas can only drool - big no no for me.

tireless mom said...

Though you are not in the pic, I know very well that you are damn bloody happy. Sorry to use those words. Playing with the camera has become your forte like playing with butter ye!

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