Friday, 7 September 2012

I'm Busy Counting Stars

.....yup just before I dozed off at night ...oops not, more like around the wee hours in the morning after i finished baking and tidy my kitchen!

I have been busy in the office ....and of course in the kitchen! I will be in Singapore next week, and I have to finish my work and do the work for my Singapore trip. It will not be a makan angin trip, but rather work, ie meetings with fellow legal counsels from the region. I will squeeze some time for teh tarik with Rima...don't know if I have time for Sun Lik or Phoon Huat..huhu...

Anyway...alhamdulillah macaron making is back in swing, and syukur so far there have been very few rejects, the aircondition unit in my living dining area is really a great much so I dozed off on one of the nights while waiting for my macarons to dry....ended up baking them at 2 in the morning when they were dried at around 10pm whoaaaa!

...and I had pleasure to meet my whatsapps friend who came all the way from KT for a holiday in KL.....Rina from Cantek Sekali deli!...Indeed she sangat cantik! gotta go, no lunch for me today, have to deliver some work later, ok bye!

xoxo Yani the Kitchen Guardian...have a healthy and happy weekend.

## been using my Iphone for fast nice picture taking , my teacher Saiful Nang will be angry!


Anonymous said...

Bila nak dtg raya dgn I pulak ni Yanie? merajuk mode.


Anonymous said...

KG, smlm nmpk KG dekat KLCC. malu nak tegur. =)


rosmawati abdullah said...

Hi, assalamualaikum, love to read your blog. Just wanna start a frienship and learn a lot of interesting in baking from you. I am a beginner and really need a guide people like you. How to manage the time between working and bussiness in baking, cuz baking also my pleasure and interest.
Hope you visit my blog and leave some comment. Thanks

rinanar rahman said...

Haiya...sgt cantik????lol anyway nice meeting up w u & jue...nnt serbu i kt Trg plak :)

Becca@Electricians In Sydney said...

WOW… I am thoroughly impressed with the way you expressed your everyday lives… that looks like such a hard work…but the results…gorgeous!
Two thumbs up!

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