Thursday, 20 September 2012

Two flights and a few destinations....

Hiya you alls! Feels like ages since I last blogged here! ...and I have not been playing with my oven for a while too! I was in Singapore last week from Wednesday, got home on Friday night and hopped on another flight to Baling via Bayan Lepas. Let this pictures tell some stories....

Telco people with the phones almost all the time!

Dinner at Gunther's restaurant, French restaurant somewhere at Purvis Street...picture was taken by the waiter. 

What's a trip to Singapore without visiting Mustafa Centre...spend two evenings with Rima, Gilbert and Sonia!

I only had an hour to browse even though my hotel was on Orchard Road...errr managed to feel Mulberry, Tory Burch and Prada ...screaming I want I want I want! All so santik!

I love this road in Singapore...ehehehe Orchard Road, if you can't buy, browsing would be therapeutic enough!

I only got this TWG macarons from ION, yummmsss! 

We had a video conference at Allen and Overy before we departed home...all the legal people (well almost all) in Axiata

 View of Marina Bay Sands from Allen and Overy

I mean I love to travel, but it was really comforting to see a Malaysia aircraft to fly you home...sorry, I have to drama sometime!


We arrived in Bayan Lepas on Saturday morning via the low cost carrier , had our nasi kandar and drove straight to Kupang, Baling, Kedah...I mean my family and I! I renewed my driving licence in Bayan Lepas town as hubs left his in another wallet and mine expired last month...we were renting a car you see, hehehe... I didn't take any photos of my Tok Yam, I couldn't, to see someone like me half paralysed and so helpless, fullstop. We went to see my Mak Yah in Felda Lubok Merbau, but the pictures were all in Instagram, I spend a good time chatting with only aunty from my father's side. 

I wanted to just drop by Ayan's in Sungai Petani, only to find out that some of the St Nicks' beauties were having lunch there....bliss! Meeting them I mean, and the Nasi Daging and chutney was super sedap!

Azaihan, whom I have not met for some 29 years, Ayan, Timah and Kak Tan. Baz came later just before Muhammad started showing his true colours, ish ish ish!

...and we drove on Penang Bridge to Hard Rock Hotel...what a rocking hotel, good food, great hospitality, we are coming here again! 

Umar, smiling widely after his protruding tooth was extracted last month!

Yusof, 15 going 40 wakaka! 

Umar and Muhammad!

What's a trip to Penang without having a dose of , or another dose of Nasi kandarq! Nasi Kandar Mohd Raffe off Jalan Tg Tokong, opposite Balai Polis Tg Tokong

Boiling chicken curry, oh my super super super sedap!

Muhammad dosed off once boarding on the plane....and life continues as normal once we got to KL zzzzzzzz...till then xoxo Yani the Kitchen Guardian


Anonymous said...

Yusuf looks like he is 35! So matured looking that young man of yours.

Bet you had tonnes of fun Yanie. It's good to have a break if not all the time hehehe, once in a while.


Superwomanwannabe said...

the pics look so great yans! and yeah your family has grown so much!! Yusuf looks so big! What happened to baby Umar??? Huwaaaa...dah besarrrr

So glad you had a good break!!


my,my so fast kan they've grown. Wah, bz bz biz woman and career woman..happy for you!

MamaTim said...

Yaniii, U didn't meet me meh?? heheh

Anyway, Yusuf tu betul2 scan copy of his dad. His dad 26 years ago when I just knew him was 18 going 35 and he stayed at 35 until NOW!!

We had super duper time at Aians.. Next time drag Naz, Ani, EJ, Sham, Mar etc etc and we'll have a ball again insyaAllah. Will be uploading the pics to FB a.s.a.p. Nanti I tag you..

Stefan said...

Gunther's is really a French restuarant? Sounds decisively German to me :). Nice pics with people reminding me of nice times.

iffatali said...

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