Monday, 11 May 2009

Almost Whizzing...I Wish!!

The day that I had been waiting for....yes a tutorial on how to do sugar flowers with Wiz had come! I have been surfing her blog for a couple of months, and when I missed the sugar flower class that she conducted at sugarflours , I was devastated.
After that, one thing led to another, and I was emailing to and fro with Wiz , and she has kindly agreed to have a class for me and a few of my close friends....Razlyn who will be my administrator and financial person when we buka cafe, ehem...bila entahlah! Stella, who is a business person in her own right who has been making sugar cookies and Lina, who is married to husband's cousin who had also jumped into this cakery business like moi!
The class started at 10.30, and of course the first module ie the first bunga that we attempted seemed a real uphill battle, macam panjat Mount Kinabalu...what more with the keras tangan of ours...Wiz kata, pegang sikit-sikit, picit sikit-sikit, gigit macam you gigit anak you...yelah tu Wiz! Up until lunch that was around 12.45 we only managed to do 2 flowers! Hai! Nampaknya we'll be there the whole day!
And Wiz being Wiz, so sweet, so slim (unlike your pengantin perempuan teddy bear image that I dreamt of you, the week before, ha ha), so pemurah, so kind, so patient...prepared roast chicken, salad and rolls for our lunch..ayo where to get such treatment from cikgu huh! We savoured and melantak the roast chicken, do our solat and continued, do the kneading (now I understand your Kneaded Me post Wiz), mix the colours, tampal-tampal, lekat-lekat...but it was really all worth more than the price that we paid.....her fondant is really easy to mix, sedap to makan, I had mine in blueberry and peach flavours...they tasted like Mentos, and for one who doesn't like Mentos, I love this fondant taste! Also, her fondant does not need any preservatives like tragacanth gum or gum-tex, and the effect is just like the ones that I wanted!!
At the end of the class, we realise that making sugar flowers is just like main masak-masak and play dough, everything seemed so simple and they are simple, and Wiz taught us to use cutters and stuffs that are easily within reach and cheap...mind you this cutter and tools business to do sugar flowers can fetch hundred of dollars...and now when I look at the online tutorials by Louise of CakeJournal, , I can do the rose petals that I have been dreaming of doing all this while! Yes, we were penat, but all went back beaming ear to ear!
Thank you so much Wiz and thank you Razlyn, Stella, and Lina for accompanying me and making the session really lively and fun, we'll do figurine after this ok!
P/s I now open orders for miniature cakes and hantaran cakes using sugar flowers! You are welcome to email me at for further enquiries...hope to hear from you soon!
The set up of the class...
I love this one!
Need to perfect my daisies...
Love this one too!
Pandang tak jemu!
Ni kelam kabut punya kerja, it was almost 4.30 and we haven't finished! But the balls will definitely look nicer with lustre dust!
Ribbon roses, first attempt!
I like this assemble the best!
Frangipani and glitter flower!
My creations for the day!
The yummy mummy roast chicken, salad and rolls.....Wiz of Wiz!!


Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger said...

you ni mengandung kan, tapi mana you dapat energy tu haa....makan pil apa you ya...

wiz said...

I had the most fun with you guys!!!! so much fun that I didn't think you could finish everything before the sun set on us ha ha ha. Admiring your work and the gang's at the end of the day proved to be very therepeutic for me. All the penat, all the fenin sumer hilang. Thanks so much for the profiteroles, for the chat, for listening, for coming and most of all for believing in my work. You can now create the same if not better soon.

All the best Yanie, I will see you for the figurine class. And next time we'll start right after subuh he he he, coz it's gonna be a looooooooooooooooooong day.

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

nice la kak yani..tak ketaq-ketaq ke tangan macam dok buat benda2 kecik tu? Very talented la u..

MHB said...

sob sob... ruginya tak join... was supposed to go for training in S'pore last2 postponed. Rugi sebab bestnya class and belajar macam2 and even more rugi sebab missed out on Wiz' hospitality!!

MHB said...

want to add that you are so right about Wiz' fondant -- memang sedap and tastes nothing like the ready-made ones!!

tireless mom said...


If you buka the cake shop, I will be one of your first customers. No worries, tak payah cari maid Indon to help, you can rely on your children. Lagi secure.

Naz in Norway said...

Yani! so nice!
I'm so proud of you :)

IBU said...

OMG! So lovely .... nak makan pun sayang jadi nya... hehehe...... Well done!

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