Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Khenduri Doa Selamat in Larkin Garden, JB

There are so many stories to tell, I'll let these pictures do the talking.... Marhaban and doa selamat by the kaum ibu..
Two grandma's doing the cukur jambul for Wendy's second son, Wendy is hubby's cousin. Wendy and me lumba-lumba preggers and beranak, soon I will have to let her continue the race, moi is going to be 41 very very soon, she is still very very young!
Makcik, Wendy's MIL carrying the baby.
Wendy's hubby Irehan and Yen, Wendy's only elder sister....bakar satay and otak-otak.....yum!
Young duku langsat....in the garden..
Otak-otak gelang patah...
Kacang pool (as in a pool of kacang cooked with gravy)....I will put up the recipe soon!
Kids playing in the gazebo..
Favours, done by Mak Ngah, Wendy's mom...
I made these moist choc cuppies for Mak Ngah for the favours!


MrsNordin said...

Why is her name Wendy?

Breakaway said...

Ok cek mau la cupcake for this Saturday can ah?A box of everything I ve seen here!!

Lyana Mauseth said...

there u got a new order!! huh i buat x jadi lah kak yani...resign lah i mcm ni...xdak ong la i buat cupcakes :(

Anonymous said...

MrsNordin, sbb dia lahir hari rabu...so nama manja fr wednesday jd la wendy. nama betul dia idariz :)


Kitchen Guardian said...

Mrs N,
Yup, she was born on Wednesday..

Habarqlah bila, nanti cek poi hantarq!

Ish, mai dok dgn i seminngu, lepas tu inshaallah jadi...ka ada hantu MIL you @ the mixer, ha ha!

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