Sunday, 10 May 2009

Happy Birthday Sha...

Last week-end was extremely busy for me, preparing and delivering orders, so much so there weren't any celebration to mark my birthday and mom's day......dah tua tua ni it really doesn't matter much....I'd rather put the smile on others than mine....I'll be happier!
One of the orders came from this young lady, sweet and very hip hop (I think), who had made the arrangement about a month ago, for me to prepare beryani udang for initially 25 pax, but later became 40 pax...nasib baik I bought extra udang on Saturday and 50 profiteroles for her birthday. Sha, who you can check out her blog at here, said that the food was for lunch makan-makan with her family. I pun obliged-lah, tak sampai hati nak turn down......
So, on Sunday, I woke up early at 5.30 to start preparing the dish (the profiteroles I dah prepare the night before), as I had to attend my tutorials with the much awaited Wiz! Everything was settled...beres by 7.30, I showered, went to Kak Jee's to get breakfast for my kids before I left for Wiz's at around 9.00.
Little did I know, rupanya, the dishes were for Sha's special birthday do at a fellow blogger's studio, Itudiastudio I would have freaked out had I known this earlier, but bagus jugak I tak tau, so there was no pressure in me preparing the dishes.
Thank you so much Sha for the order, glad that all your guests loved the nasi and profiteroles...yes you can order again in future, inshaallah, I'll gladly do for know young people like you really amazes me, I dulu-dulu blog ka apa ka, semua tak tau!! I'm waiting for you to post pictures of your do! Ni gambarq profiteroles yang I made for Sha, gambarq beryani udang tak dan ambik, tengah kalut, siap anak-anak before I ciow to Bandar Mahkota Cheras for my class!

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