Thursday, 21 May 2009

Pink and yellow..

I have to learn to take better pictures by playing with the apertures and contrast, to get the shade and details of the embossed fondant covering the cake like I want them to be...
Think pink and yellow are such sweet combinations....I had an order from an ex-colleague, a gift for her lecturer and the cakes are to travel all the way from KL to Penang. So, I suggested to her to make vanilla cupcakes with chocolate buttercream topping with fondant, so that the icing wouldn't melt....since I was given a "free-hand" in terms of the choice of colours and flowers, I chose to repeat what I learnt from Wiz, except that, the fondant covering the cakes were embossed, and I also scattered a few pearlised sugar to embellish...
All boxed up to be delivered! Thank you Marina for the order!
I also received an order on the same day for mini cuppies for a doa selamat from my dear St Nick's friend.....she wanted something that can just plop into the mouth, so, I suggested these mini cuppies.....since I was still in the mood for yellow and pink, I repeated the same colours for her cakes except that I iced the cuppies with vanilla buttercream and played around with the cutters that I got from Wiz's class! As you can see I also loved the pearl-ised sugar beads...thank you Chut for this order!


Breakaway said...

Os good pic in natural light try not to use flash.Also set camera to micro.

Anonymous said...

Yanie, you are doing it, and doint it right! your lazy roses are looking pretty!!!!

Keep it going and going, just like the energizer bunny in you.

Naz in Norway said...

lovely cuppies. i love those tiny ones!

KG said...

i kena belajar some tricks from you le!

kalau tak kerana you, manalah i dapat ilmu and the techniques tu...i owe you!

tankiu, tankiu!!

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