Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Coffee Break...

Yes, I need more than a coffee break...soon, that's what Dr Ashar said, he expects the baby to arrive in the next 2 or 3 weeks, baby is already engaged but in a posterior position...which explains why I have been excruciating back pain....ni I dok doa and zikir sambil-sambil so that he gets into the right position and I won't have a loooong labour!!!
Some updates....met my St Nicks friends for lunch...all verbal diarrhea, all want to talk at the same time, all different topics...will blog later! Did a Father's Day cake...the morning before pick up, the figurine patah kaki....so, instead of sitting on a bench, he has to lie flat and his kaki resting on the bench when the cakes were delivered, I suppose it was bound to happen......if not then some other time, ha ha....I panicked...nasib baik tak terberanak!!! Will post pics later, also!! Did hantaran cakes in green......huh hah, alhamdulillah sempat lagi.....last orders this Friday and Sunday...lepas tu dapur sejuk sekejap!!! Did a last minute request for a few hundred cakes, mula mula I wanted to turn down, but when I was told that it was for sedekah anak yatim and anak belajar tahfiz....I cair right away...so delivered 300 cuppies of 4 varieties of topping.....see my update later.......and best of all Khadijah represented her school's debate team, bravo, ikut jejak mak bapak....but chapter domestic goddess, she's way far from it.....but am so proud of you!!!!
Tra for now!!!xox


MrsNordin said...

So you were a debater as well, huh? No wonder.... :) Elok lah Khadijah ikut jejak langkah you all. Bab ke dapur tu, later on you boleh ajar dia...

Aida said...


Lupa nak bagitau u that Ainul loves ur choc with flower cupcakes ehhehehe

Take care dear.


anedra said...

I can just imagine what you are going through. Take good care ya! Oh, and just to let you know..Last Sunday, sebab dah takde idea nak masak apa for lunch, hopped over to your blog, and got your recipe for ikan jenahak goreng asam! It was a huge success!! God Bless you dear!

Knut said...

kak yani..kak yani..kak yani!!!

i wish i had a bit of your energy and motivation...now i don't have the energy to do anything, except for merapu kat fb je :(


Kitchen Guardian said...


I suppose..and recently she requested me to show her how to bake the cuppies to give away to her friends yg give her moral suppport for her debate and all...guess this is a start for her!!


Kalau nak lagi give me a buzz, i usually make extras for my kids, I can always spare some for Ainol!


Ha a kan, dah lama I tak letak resepi...but that ikan jenahak masak assam will be my staple in confinement nanti!


I kalau dok diam, rasa macam nak demam, and with my size now, kalau i baring dah nampak mcm whale, ha ha, i better be on the move!!!

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