Monday, 1 June 2009

Farewell Doctors, Nurses, Happy Teachrs' Day and Hantaran...

Yes, I have been baking for the past weeks, think ever since I first made profiteroles for Mrs Nordin's daughter's birthday do...I have been creating a hiatus in the kitchen! But last week was total madness!! I baked everyday, from Sunday until Friday!! So, there were a couple of hundreds of cuppies with buttercream and fondant topping!! Hmmm, this Muhammad inside me just have to do the practicals when he is born, all the other modules about cupcakes more or less are complete, already! Ha ha!!
On Sunday I made some cuppies for dear Bad, he wanted to give away as farewell treat to his consultant doctors, nurses and fellow colleagues in UMMC, then on Tuesday I had to deliver cuppies for Liza (Bad's wife who's also a doctor) also as farewell treats to her fellow doctors and nurses. After they gave chocolate cherry cakes...the doctors and nurses asked for more!!! I couldn't spare any pictures here as I was really rushing for time, and the designs were more or less a reproduction of Bad's previous orders! Thanks Bad and Liza....our sofas have been constantly warmed up by Bad from his bachelor days and now he angkuts his whole family to also warm our sofas.....Bad and Liza are our family's consultants when it comes to medical advice and also teman to share our meals, especially during weekends....Bad is an endochrinologist, but when it comes to makan, he totally forgets about what he preaches to his patients!!! We so love to eat!!! I also had to bake cuppies for Umar's and Yusof's Teachers' Day celebration, I made Ben Ten on top of vanilla cuppies for Umar (as requested by him) and vanilla with chocolate ganache and buttercream topping for Yusof! Yusof specifically reminded me that he didn't want all those "botox" topping on his cuppies..."botox" referring to fondant, ha ha Yusof, Yusof!!
And I made cuppies for Razlyn's girls for Teachers' Day celebration (Yusof, Umar, Ibraheem and Razlyn's girls go to the same school!), but suggested to Razlyn that the girls do their own icing for the cuppies!! They had fun, and you can see how when one thinks out of the box, things work wonderfully beautiful! And with kids, I always believe that they do not have a pre-set mind and judgemental in their things turn really well! Thanks Razlyn for the order!
On top of all of the above, I had to prepare fondant decorations for the two hantaran cupcakes that I have to deliver over the weekend........gedebuk gedebaklah I.......but I'll keep you in suspense with the the next posting! In the mean time enjoy the following pictures...... My first attempt at sugar roses using cutters from Bake With Yen, I dusted the petals with pink lustre....
Shahida and Nabilla... Cuppies by Shahida and Nabilla!
More cuppies by Shahida and Nabilla!!
Cuppies for Yusof...
Cuppies for Umar!


MHB said...

hahaha botox!! My girls are not fans of fondant too but fondant is so lawa and make the cakes look so 'professional' so they are perfect for weddings and stuff. But I must say no cupcakes look as mouth-watering as ganache and buttercream just like in no botox-Yusof' ;-)

Gabai said...

Yani, hang ni lawyer ka apa ...hehheh

Mie Gabai

tireless mom said...

Hallo akak... Mana you dapat the energy ni? Busy tahap gaban lah. Orang tak pregnant pun not as busy as you tau.

Kitchen Guardian said...


bilalah kiya boleh pi class sama-sama!

mie gabai,

dah tak larat dah nak berlawyer!


that's me, tak reti duduk diam...bilalah gamaknya kita boleh jumpa and makan makan...i really menyesal couldnt make iy for the last makcik blogger meet!

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