Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Green Wt Envy!

These orders came from a colleague who works in the same building. It started when her friend discovered my blog, and recommended her to order profiteroles...which she did, week after week...yes, am not exaggerating...then, when she discovered that I also bake cupcakes (for now, and whole cakes sooon!!), she announced to her other colleagues!!

Hence, the earlier order for hantaran in white and this, in green. Along with the white hantaran cakes earlier, I gave them some cakes for them to sample, hence, the order for extra cupcakes to be enjoyed with family! And, the extra cupcakes that the department ordered last Friday, for Friday tea....hai! Semangat-semangatlah my colleagues kat atas!!

Since all the cakes were going to be transported to JB, I decided to do fondant flowers to top the 50 vanilla cuppies! Thank you Fariza and Amelda for the orders, lain kali order lagi ek!


Cilantro said...


Just came cross your blog. What a lovely cupcakes you have here. All look so beautiful. I am just an amateur baker. You could see some of my cupcakes in my blog. I love making cupcakes but only the basic ones. Could you advise me where you go for all the cup cake decorating classes? I sure like to attend these classes. I am living in Klang. Cheers.

Desert Rose said...

Oh so the comey, tak sanggup nak makan

Kitchen Guardian said...


Thank you for dropping by. I started off trying recipes on my own and also the buttercream and fondant. Hv taken classes from Cake Connection in PJ, Wilton PJ and personal coaching from Wiz of inawhiz. You can google these people!

Desert Rose,

Makan je!

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