Friday, 12 June 2009

My daughter is also drooling over LVs..

Ain't it too early????? Hmmm Sofia Copolla monogram ye??? I pun tak updated on this latest design ni, al semenjak I sebok baking, my eyes are all for those beautiful cutters and veiners....even though as part of the "smelling of the roses" session that Mrs N, SW and myself had yesterday...we had a quick lunch at The Loaf in Pavi and I bought a pair of sandals from Charles and Keith...the one that I have been wearing for the past 1 1/2 years is giving way...tak sempat nak tunggu I tip toe to the labour room.....and yes, Mrs N and I glanced through some nice bags and purses in Furla (I love Furla...bold, simple, very meeee!), and if not for the baby stuff that I haven't bought and the baking classes and cutters and veiners that I'm drooling over...I would have happily purchased the imprinted peony grey colour rose patent laether wallet at Furla yesterday...the bags in Celine and Aigner pu lawa lawa jugak.......anyway, am happy with the one and only LV monogram that I have.......I am so sane now!!!!


Kak Teh said...

KG Come to London and then you can go to Bicester to shop. They have all the branded goods there.

Desert Rose said...

Kak KG,

Dan lagi tuh....shoppin.

Ke manakah tumpahnya kuah kan kan.

tireless mom said...

Dear KG

Best jugak taking orders and baking kan. Some extra cash is always available to make purchases like LV monogram. Baby come into the world and wallah, merasa sharing LV with mommy.

Lyana Mauseth said...

kak yani,

patutlah MrsN kata u all pi beli kasut...woooo sempat lag tuh...i kan buta brand, jarang jumpa species mcm i nih...lucky pak usop haha, if not pening kepala dia nak cr cash for me haha..

Breakaway said...

My girls yg kecik tu pun sama.

anedra said...

hey there Yani - saw you in the car this morning at school masa hantar nasar. You don't look pregnant at all girl!!

Kitchen Guardian said...

Kak Teh,

I heard about Bicester, my sister went there the last time she was in London.

Dessert Rose,

Somehow this pregnancy I allergic dgn places wt lots of people like shopping hv not been out to klcc or pavi, adalah 2/3 kali....barang baby pun I tak beli lagi...nantiulah!


He he, LV monogram i hint lamaaa kat hubby, i kedekut nak beli benda benda tu...tengok and admire je...pas tu hint gajah to my husband!!


baguihlah you mcm tu, i ni org lubopk tak sedarq diri....tapi kasut tu ala vincci but s'pore mali...

chut breakaway,

anak i pun tak sedarq diri mcm mak dia!!

anedra dear,

you only saw a glimpse of my upper body...basically my stomach dah mcm whale pun stomach....kalau i berdiri nampak mcm toadstool fondant yg i buat ha ha!!

edelweiss said...


betoi kata kak teh...bicester oh bicester...been tehre few times but that was a long long long time ago ....

kat bicester semua ada..heheh

mumsie said...

you know...masa kat gva dulu i mengumpullah macam macam..kasut and handbag of all brands ...hobby merayau kat the factory outlets around i walk around in BATA sandals and carry with me an LV bought in Sg Wang for RM80!!!! hahahahaha....

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Salam Kak Yani,

Lama tak mai sini, sorry la i busy memanjang (eleh, macam u tak busy ye..). Anyway, talking abt handbags ni, I ni jenih tak invest too much on handbags, belum lagi kot..hahahha.

The one I just bought dah kena chewing gum pulak, ceh!

Take care, madam..

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