Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Jasmine Tea Macarons

When in Ayer Baloi we usually laze around, while I cook and bake and we feasts ourselves and neighbours and relatives with the food I prepared! It is usally total bliss, and I can't have enough of Ayer Baloi...the house, the people, my stove and oven...the small quaint town.....

So, the last time when I went back to Ayer Baloi, I thought if I found all the things to make macarons, I would give it a shot, using my small humble RM252 Elba oven....and what I can I say.....here's Jasmine Tea Macarons with Cream Cheese Filling.........
Jasmine Green Tea Macarons

Ingredients - which I halved when baking these
110g almond flour
200g powdered sugar
90g aged eggs, I aged in the fridge the night before I went to bed, about 6 hours
30g fine granulated sugar
1 tsp Jasmine Tea powder and a sprinkle green colour powder to bump up the colour!

Weigh all the ingredients, prepare your piping bag, and line your baking tray with baking paper.

I pulsed almond flour, powdered sugar and tea powder in my blender, I don't have a food processor in Ayer Baloi, and sifted twice. Next, beat egg whites until foamy, like shaving foam, then gradually add in granulated sugar bit by bit until you achive a stiff glossy meringue.

Then do the macaronnage part of the batter, fold the almond flour and powder sugar mix in 3 or 4 additions, fold gently at first to get them all incorporated. Then, press the batter gently on the wall of your bowl, until you get a shiny and thick consistency that folds like ribbon. Pour into a piping bag and pipe discs of the size of a 50cents coin. Gently rap your baking sheet on the work top a couple of times (to let the air out), and rest the batter for about half an hour...this all depends on the humidity count that day!

Bake at 150Celcious... 
Happy feet will appear after about 7 minutes in the oven! Happy trying and join me in the love hate relationship with macarons....as I have macawrong and flop days with these morsels babeh! :p


Edi said...

i wil never try baking those macs.. never! complicated sgt! anyway, i berjaya buat lapis haw flakes hari tu.. selamat pos ke aussie for my SIL! sedap! *tick* kek lapis.

KG said...


macarons tu cuba dulu lepas tu nak buat selalu!kek lapis....piece of cake for you!

Unknown said...

So, basically you're a macaroons freak

Unknown said...

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