Friday, 18 February 2011

My Blue Proton

......yes my blue Proton, the humble Iswara, the much loved sedan of mine rammed into the car at the front that braked suddenly on elevated highway whilst going to work....bang kaboom....I am okay but the front part of my baby is a wreck! All reports and documentation are done....but I'm still contemplating whether to claim the damage from the insurers or fork out from my's not all rosey....but happy but for this pain on my neck and shoulder due to the impact, I baking continues......
I made these babies Almond Macarons with Cream Cheese and Lychee and Green Tea with Green Tea Cream Cheese for Azleen, thank you fellow Legal Counsel!

Think I have replied to all mails....and I realise that there is an overwhelming request for macarons....will cook up something to ease you to order and me to make them....sooon.....keep a look out ya....happy weekend peeps! 


LifeBloom said...

Oh dear! Hope you are ok - you are such a trooper - take care & warm hugs!!

lyein said...

u inspired me to bake macarons..walaupun asik tak jd je..huhuhuhuh..saya tak akan give up!!!!tq sifu!!

Edi said...

toncet kat macs tu comel!
telan air liur yg green tea tu! my fav!!

oh, glad u're ok kak yani..

Wiz said...

Yani- Bila nak merasa your macs ni. Anyway, lahamdulillah you are ok and alhamdulillah that it happened after the deal tu.

Shahieda said...

Oh dear..... so glad that you're well and good!

I have just visited the traffic department this morning to make an appointment for my learner's permit. It's the 4th time for me already, having failed my driving test :D

Hopefully this time Insha-Allah, all will be well :)

Hugs to the kiddos!

mamasita said...

Luckily you're ok..
And I am always drooling at your macaroons!

Shahieda?? Come the 5th time..recite lots of selawat before you take the test yes?
And not be nervous.

Shahieda said...

Sis Uda, I'm such a nervous wreck when I do the test... but perfectly fine when I'm driving on my own, hehehehe. I drive well too, have been driving for 7 years without a license (Oo)

But yes, Insha-Allah, I shall do lots of salawat before I do the test this time around :)


Kak Yani,
Sorry, been so bz with other deals, rushing with the write ups and all, mmg tak sempat call you for a chat.
Sorry sgt! Will see you tomorrow!

LIYA said...

hi i nak tnya psal macaron, blh x email the detail tq

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