Wednesday, 2 February 2011

When My Zoo Neighbours Visited Me!

It has been years since we last took the kids to the take it for granted especially for zoo neighbours like us, who pass by the zoo everyday! So, on Thaipusam Day, we decided to take the kids and Khairul, Ibraheem's friend to visit our neighbours.....the habitat has improved but there were so few animals...unlike the zoos in Singapore...well, can compare with Singapore zoos only as we have only been there apart from our own! Anyway, here are some pics........
Ibraheem, Umar and Khairul
Ice cream and all....
Muhammad's raya day!
This is actually behind Kak Zaine's (my sister's sil's house...Taman Kemensah)
Once upon a time I wish I had long legs like flamingos and I wanted to become a stewardes! Imagine, now that I turned up to be a kitchen goddess almost, haha!
Hajar bullied hubby when she was all tired, hungry and cranky!
Khairul and Umar
Ahah...then about 10 days later, I found this hairy honey coloured creature walking about in my back kitchen when I returned from looks like a giant hampster or it could be a wonder all my onions were destryed earlier in the week...and that evening when I first saw this, I also noticed that all my daun kesum (herb), mint, frangippani, keffir lime, hydrangea and torch-ginger plants have been destroyed, some uprooted........think it's nocturnal, as it slept most of the day you can see it hiding behind my pots....a few years back we had a slowloris hugging the rail of my home staircase!

Anyway, the wildlife department came this morning and took it away for screening for any diseases or viruses before sending it to the zoo in Malacca......babye capybara??!! The wildlife department people said that it was a pet that was brought from overseas and let lose or it escaped!
And then, last Monday after I finished washing up and cleaning my kitchen, I saw this on my apron that was hung on the fridge hadle in my dry kitchen.....hmmmm....guess we are really warm people, so much so that we attrct not only friends but our zoo neighbours!
I gotta go, got to send out two comments before I break for CNY...Happy Rabbit Year!
Happy Chinese New Year!

We'll be in Ayer Baloi and I'll resume my baking and cooking there...been baking almost everyday from last Tuesday! Will update pics of cakes and bakes later, when I return...enjoy your break you alls! Thanks for visiting!


Wiz said...

We need to make our way to the zoo also one of these days Yani. The kids' last was 6 years ago.

Have a great time baking in leisure kat ayer Baloi!

Naz said...

What a delightful post this is, Yani! I'd love to have all these tiny critters dropping by for tea once in a while :)

Edi said...

wow... your life is so colorful! dpt visitors from zoo lagi! hahahaha...

love the pics! keep it coming!

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