Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Grandma Iny's Prune Cake!

Hubs was not around last week. He and Ibraheem, Umar and Muhammad went back to Ayer Baloi to oversee the final reno works there. So...I didn't bake anything apart from some Coconut Cuppies and Lapis Tiga Rasa for Raya Haji. Come Monday, he complained that there has been no dessert in the house!....While me.....I was counting my calories, haha...but have been having rice and lauk pauk 3 days in a row already for breaky...what I cook for the kids, I have them for breakfast, boleh? But, due time constraint I have been having keropoks for lunch, so, in that sense I thought, okaylah!

So, yesterday, after I finished making some macaron shells and cooked a meal I made this easy peasy Prune Cake...back at home any cakes with fruits in them are the family's favourites!
I got the recipe from Pioneer Woman 's site, a site that I visit almost daily! That woman is amazing!

Some bakes and cakes....
I made this macarons for Kak Zaine...
...and this Devil's Food Choc Cake...hmmm  a case of too much bokeh! Anyway, tqs Kak Zaine! 
Barbie Princess Cake, A Victoria Sandwich Cake with Vanilla Buttercream...
....and the good old Victoria Sandwich Cake ordered by Nora. Tqs Nora!

Got to dash to PJ, I have a meeting there! See ya!


Edi said...

kak yani,
love u!

KG said...

edi! and the rest of zooreq's friends are like zooreq to me!

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